Monday, June 15, 2009

Danger! Dreaming ahead.....

I had a dream about the current President of the United States. I was sitting in a room and it was full of people waiting to hear him speak. He walked up next to me an patted me on the shoulder. He mouthed a question to me.... I didn't understand him. I mouthed back "What?" And he patiently re iterated his question, though now in a muffled whisper. I still didn't understand him. In my dream I knew (as in reality) I had two options. Nod yes, as yes is the most likely the right answer, or look like a deaf fool and ask "WHAT?" one more time.

In my dream, as I would have in life ( I abhor awkwardness of any kind) I politely nodded the affirmative. * Before reading you should probably be warned that I drank all the Obama Kool-Aid. I fell under his spell on the eve of the democratic national convention and never looked back. He is my personal celebratiy. My Edward Cullen. It has NOTHING to do with party politics. Nothing at all. I simply adore him. Like... like a crush or something. Never since Billy Idol have I had such a love affair with someone I don't (or will never know) I am not a celebrity worship kind of gal... or at least I wasn't... Anywho.

So I nod in the positive and he smiles and walks away. At that moment a dear friend of mine slips into the empty seat next to me and begins ranting away as to what an idiot I am. I asked "Why?" and she tells me:

"The President just asked you if the seat next to you was taken, and you nodded 'Yes'!"

I died in my dream. Of a broken heart.

When I woke up I began to dissect it (as I do most things) and I began to wonder about how often we do those things in order to "save face." How often we don't take the road of persistence and instead fall into platitudes.

I don't want to be a nod my head person. I want to be a "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" person.

I know there has to be a middle ground. A line you can see that separates confidence from awkward pushy-ness. I am going to find it.


  1. And after I posted it, Liz, I had an unfortunate screaming match with my lovable, adorable husband. And though we are fine (now) I thought hmmmmm..... perhaps I can't find the line because I already crossed it! ;)

  2. What a great (and funny) dream. You can work a situation like that (although maybe not w/ the president) into one of your novels....where the boy she likes so much asks for the seat but she does what you did in the dream.

    That's a keeper :D

  3. That is such a stunner of a dream that I'm almost speechless. You did a pretty good job of dissecting, though, and I agree with Tess that this is good novel material and something worth writing about.

  4. I avoid awkward situations at all costs! It's been hard to try to find the nerve to speak up, speak my mind, or speak at all. I hear it gets easier with age. I guess I'll find out ;)

  5. I want to be a "What did you say?" person too. Thanks for the post!

  6. I would be a 'save face' girl and miss out on an opportunity.
    I too want to be a "what did you say?" person, I am improving with age ;0

  7. Good luck. That's a hard line to find. :D

  8. What a funny dream! And a good moral to the story, too.

  9. I *heart* Obama too!
    I have a hard time with the awkward/pushy thing too. I always worry I'm too pushy.