Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A decision to make

Okay readers. The time has come. Please submit to me using the comment section what type of recipe/story you would like this Saturday. Your choices follow:

A) Sweet
B) Something Exotic
C) Another Italian American Classic
D) Quick easy budget friendly dinner

OR post another type of food. I can cook up a story and a recipe about whatever you want.

You can also try to trick me, if you dare.... you can give me a topic and then dare me to find a relative recipe! Fun!

Make sure to note that sometimes blogger makes you hit the comment button twice... so be prepared to re-post. (Tip: I always type my comments to blogs in notepad in case they get lost)


  1. a quick, easy choice for my crazy summer schedule, plez!

  2. How about a recipe that goes along with a story of a great weekend getaway or vacation.

  3. I'm with the leftovers too...or I'll be bold and say something for a night that will be a good night...I'm sure you're getting my drift.
    ~ Wendy

  4. quick, easy, family friendly one please! And anything with a crockpot would be a bonus.

  5. Okay... You may not believe me, but I can cover all of these with ONE recipe (and a fun story!) Thanks so much for your input! You had me thinking... which is always a good thing. Tune in Saturday to see your recipe!

  6. Exotic!! We all need a little exotic in our lives!