Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exciting News!

Hello All,

For my writer friends out here in cyberspace... I have been invited to be a "girl with a pen!"

My post "Rejections: what I have learned about publishing so far..." is loaded today. It may amuse you. Or not....

Hope to see you there commenting away and making fun of all of the mistakes and missteps I made on the journey.


  1. Hi Suzanne!
    YAY for the new girls with pens =)
    Aren't you so excited?? I feel pretty darn privileged!!!
    I already read your post on there and commented.
    But I see that you are 'a fan of all things dark and lovely,' as am I!! In fact, my book is dark and lovely. Maybe you'd like it ;)
    Good to know you too!!
    Looking forward to talking with you more =)

  2. EDEN!!!!

    I almost named one of my characters that. Email me. We should talk. Good stuff!

  3. Sounds like a good post! I am going to head that way.

  4. Congrats! Going there as we speak . . .

  5. Welcome to Give a Girl a Pen. I love your posts!

  6. Thanks all! Excited to write anywhere and anyhow I can...