Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Week Hiatus


I promised I'd never do this. I SWORE I would never do this... but I have to use all my typing time this week for the revisions on my novel. I am using a trick I learned at the writers conference and have brought out a PC that does not have internet on it, and am working off a usb hard drive (so I wont' lose the revisions!)

So I am, in essence, unplugging... but not unplugging completely. Like, I didn't buy a typewriter or anything.

I will use the internet from work this week to wrap up my online courses and do some grading, but other than that I have to let this slide. I will see you all next Saturday (or Friday?)
Or sooner... depending on when I finish this important work.

Who knows, the words I type this week might be the most important words I've ever typed...

Wow I am going to miss this. I can't even stop right now....

But my toes are in the water and now I have to drown in it all for a little while. See you when I come up for air.

One, Two, Thr


  1. Good luck with your revisions. I love unplug weeks, they are usually so productive! See you when you get back!

  2. Have a great time with the revisions! We'll be here when you get back. Rock on!

  3. It's a scary thing...unplugging, but be brave and get those revisions done! I salute you, dear friend :)

  4. You will be missed, look forward to seeing you later and hearing your news.
    Good luck with your revisions :)

  5. We'll miss you, but have a great and productive week!

  6. What? Are you crazy? Is it really necessary? I mean, do you have to go cold turkey? Isn't there a half caff half decaf kinda thing you can do first? You are brave. There has been many times I've wanted to pull the plug on mine. I might have to give it a shot some day. Later, though, much later.
    Peace To You...

  7. I am on my second "laptop without internet" ... it never works though ... it's just too damn easy to flick on the wi-fi and ... back to square one again :)

  8. So when are you coming back?? It's Friday... :)