Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To revise or to Martini? THAT is the question

Oh my. I sent an email back to the agent who would like to see a revision. I stated I would do so and then send her the manuscript. I was very professional. I never expected to get an email BACK from her today with suggested reading as well as an invitation to send her my second novel when it is ready to read.

So I can not move. Or type. Or think. And I have so much to think about, and read, and write, and do.

And what I really want to do is go home and drink a Martini. Or two. And then go to bed and figure out how to get this stuff done. AND do I respond? Do I say..."thanks for your interest, I will send them both to you after I revise and drink Martinis?"



  1. Even better - you invite her out for martinis with you :)

  2. Yes, respond with a short 'thank you - will do' type of message. I didn't respond to my agent one time (one of his early-ish e mails) I honestly just needed a day to think about the revisions he was suggesting and he e mailed the next day saying, "Please do respond when I send you correspondence". Now, we were under contract at the time, but I think she is 'testing' you out to see if you are willing to make changes (you'd be surprised at how many people refuse to revise) and to see how you interact.

    Ok, that's my two cents.

    Congrats on this new development! You are sooooo close!!!!!

  3. Yay! I'm soooo happy. Okay, I agree with Tess to respond with a thank you. Maybe leave out the martini part, but who knows, she might laugh :)
    Good luck!

  4. Take Tess's advice! Respond. Now. I am so excited for you! It's so great to see other writer's succeeding in this journey. It's very exciting. :D

  5. Awesome news!! Yay!
    I agree that you should write back. (but leave out the martini part ;)) lol

    Oh, I so wish I was at that point. But hey, you're giving me motivation to write. Dang it, I was gonna get up and clean a bit...

  6. squeeee! Oh yes, respond and then have that martini! (the photo is sooo scrumptious)

  7. Hooray! Congratulations!!! Totally take Tess's advice, she's a smarty-pants. ;)

    I'm so bloody happy for you!!!

  8. Hi all,
    Just talked to glorious agent one more time, telling her "Will do" (Thanks Tess) and she emailed me BACK AGAIN and said not to rush BUT (big but) she was very excited to read and would I please send the revised version to her on an exclusive submission and she promised to be very fast. Which means no matter what, as soon as I finish the assisnment, at least I will get a quick answer. Good news either way. Thank you writer friends. Thanks for being part of this exciting day.

  9. I don't think it gets much better than that! Pour that martini. :-D

  10. All,

    What a wonderful and crazy day that was. Thanks for being a part of it. I am revising and reading and hoping I can keep my voice and still deliver a fine product. But even if she passes, She will be the first agent I query with novel number 2. So it is all good. XO

  11. OOOH, congratulations! I would be numb with excitement too. I can see you spinning around, and air-punching even before the martini's LOL