Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tomato Daze

Tomatoes. I love them, my characters love them, my children love them. We are tomato people.

We always grew tomatoes. A staple in an urban vegetable garden. Easy to grow (if you know how;)) and what a bounty! Growing up my gram grew the plum tomatoes, elongated and oval, not round, and we would go out and pick them and eat them right there in the garden. She would put salt in her apron pocket and I can remember reaching up to take a pinch for my tomato and getting a bit of fuzz as well. Yummy fuzz.

I grow tomatoes... some years are better than others. This year is going to be a good year. Though we only planted two plants this year, they are healthy and already have flowers all over them. Little, lovely yellow flowers that will turn into ripe, juicy tomatoes with just a bit of care....

I will most likely give you many tomato recipes over the next few months. This one is my favorite. And it is a bit odd, a bit wonderful, and EASY.

Take 5 or 6 ripe tomatoes. Cut into chunks, do not dice.. do it however sloppy or fancy you want, just leave the pieces at least bite size. Put in a beautiful glass bowl.

Cut a large cucumber. Same rules as above. Put in the bowl to mingle with the tomatoes.

Salt. I talked to you about salt. It is a subjective ingredient. Start small, add more. Keep in mind that salt is a tomato's best friend.

2 cups small Frieselles. (What? What are those?)

*Frieselles are Italian pepper biscuits. In the bread eisle near the italian bread. If you can't find them, you can certainly use nice, rustic croutons.

Olive oil, Ice. Yes. ICE. Basil

Put Frieselles in the lovely glass bowl with the Tomatoes and cucumbers and salt. Add a nice bit of fresh basil. Drizzle olive oil (1/2 cup or so) **** Good olive oil people. Please.

Now cover the bowl with ice cubes. Now stir all together and cover with plastic wrap. When the ice is melted, you have tomato salad. Salt again if necessary.

You should really try this. It is very good. Trust me.

See you monday.


  1. If I was a tomato person, this would be really yummy! My 2-year-old son is the only tomato person in my family, and we grow a couple of cherry tomato bushes for him. He likes to run out and pull them off the vines and eat them right there. It's so cute. :D Maybe I'll have to try this recipe for him.

  2. I am getting very very excited about that recipe. Oh wow wow wow!!! I LOVE tomatoes. They are one of my top favorite foods, so you have become one of the coolest people I know. My mouth is watering already at the thought of summer tomatoes this year.

    *must use extra virgin olive oil...*

    *must use English cucumber...*

    *must use sea salt...*

    I think my favorite dish is Roma tomatoes with mozzerella and fresh basil drizzled with a sweetened balsamic vinegar syrup. It's Italian. I can't remember the name of it. Urgh.

  3. too bad we decided not to grow tomatoes this year. they overtook the herb garden and other things didn't grow as well as they could have...
    personally, i hate raw tomatoes, but strangely, i love tomato&&cucumber salad...not a clue..
    but, my daughter loves tomatoes!! she eats them right off the vine.
    i shall have to grab some from my mom's garden and try this recipe out for her =)
    i'm sure she'll love it!

  4. Hi
    New girl here. Normally the stranger-type but felt welcomed by this extraordinary blog, so gorgeous to look at and fulfilling to read.
    As for tomatoes. I am definitely trying that recipe, never would have guessed the ice cubes. One of my favs, is cut raw tomatoes with olive oil, fresh basil, cracked pepper, bit of garlic, sliced olives. Stir in bowl, uncooked, and add cooked penne. Simple and simply good.
    I feel a bit split personality, but I'm going to join Wednesday chronicles, as well. I love the dark and the light. Glad to have stumbled upon you.

  5. I love tomatoes too! And eating them plain is great with me!