Saturday, July 11, 2009

Movie to watch.... PLEASE!

Okay, so I know it is recipe Saturday, and I also know an alarming amount of you actually read and try those recipes. (Yikes... perhaps I should be more precise with the measurements?)

Anyway... I was a little overwhelmed last night. My heart all aflutter with waiting for my dreams to be dashed or come true... and with packing and looking at a week away from the internet as well as my house. So I did what I do best in these cases. I took to my bed.

I snuggled deep down in the covers and let my littlest creatures fall asleep watching home and garden television while I stared at the ceiling fan.

When they were asleep I did the next thing I do best. I scrolled through the 400 television channels over and over again until my thumbs hurt. And then I stopped, randomly, and ready to fall asleep to the droning sound of whatever was on....

But I couldn't because what was on was WONDERFUL! And timely! I laughed and I cried with the relevance of it. Watch this movie! Wonderboys.

About a writer who can't seem to write his second novel. He is a professor with some brilliant and troubled kid who follows him around. It is funny, quirky, and the commentary on the writing process is priceless.

Okay, on vacation. See you next Saturday... unless I get news. Bad or good I will share it right away.



  1. Can't wait to hear about the good news! I'll go check out that movie!

  2. I'm on pins and needles for you, too!

    I wasn't writing a novel when that movie came out. I'd heard it was good, but I didn't pay much attention then. Now I have to check it out.
    Thanks, Suzanne.
    You're always helpful in some way or another!!

  3. Enjoy your hols and hope the news is good!
    I will look up that movie,thanks.

  4. What a great movie! I love it, too. Especially the freeing moment when his manuscript blows away. How many pages was it, besides too many? And, love Robert Downey Jr in everything he does.
    PS Wishing you good news, the best news!

  5. JD: wasn't it over 2,000 pages or something! I laughed out loud!