Saturday, July 4, 2009

Patio Tacos: Not sub night but close

Before my gram moved in with us, dinners were a whole different beast. My mom worked and my father was mostly absent. He returned from time to time and when he was around we were forced to eat at the kitchen table and not slurp soup (Egad! The Horror! )

In the Fall and winter my mom and I ate dinner at the coffee table and watched World News Tonight with Ted Koppel. We washed the dishes later. Friday was Pizza and board games with my god father. Sunday we took the trip to the suburbs and ate with my grandma and Papa, or we ran out of gas and once gassed up went back home with a brilliant excuse to eat cereal.

We had sub night, and pasta with peas night, and MAKE YOUR OWN TACO NIGHT. Only in the summer, though... only in the summer when we could eat it outside on the cement patio.

Now I know why. Make your own Tacos are MESSY. But fun, and healthy and amazing. Have a blast you guys.

1 package of soft tacos (we like corn... use flour if you like)
1 0r 2 pounds ground Turkey Meat
1 or 2 packages Taco Seasoning
Salsa (We like Trader Joe's Peach...)
Diced Tomatoes with olive oil and salt and fresh cilantro or parsley
Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (or cheese of choice... but not blue, or brie, or ... you get it)
Chopped Black Olives
1 can black beans (My friend Ariel showed me that if you heat them with a little ready made salsa they are BETTER)

Brown Turkey. Follow directions on Taco seasoning packet, omitting the draining part (because this is TURKEY and not BEEF so you will not have GREASE) Put in a bowl.

Put bowls of the other ingredients as well as cups of iced tea and your bowl of taco turkey on your table (preferable outside).
Call the gang.

If you have a gas grill, put your corn tortillas on it, flip, and do it again!!!!!!Make a big stack of 'em.

OR if you have a gas stove VERY CAREFULLY place them over low heat and use tongs to turn them over.

Let the gang go to town creating their own tacos. ****Make sure to squeeze that fresh lime over your taco! It makes ALL the difference****

See you Monday,



  1. Welcome back! I missed you this week! Hope all the writing went great.

  2. Ariana! Yest it went very well. I feel really good about the revisions. We will see, right?

    Can you and yours come tomorrow? Billy or no?

  3. We used to have "Saturday night roll-ups" every weekend. Rollups were just soft tacos all "rolled up." Nothing fancy but we got to do it ourselves and we loved it!

  4. Just had a similar dinner.... taco salad... with seasoned turkey meat and all the healthy fixings...

  5. We do 'Taco Tuesdays' around here and our kids invite the neighborhood (basically). So, usually around 10-15 teens/pre-teens gorging tacos. Ours aren't so healthy, though. My hubby and I both grew up in So Calif so we do the real deep fried mexican tacos. Sour cream, homemade guac and my salsa.

    Sorry for the ramble.

  6. Your memories are great and the lime on the tacos sounds good too!