Thursday, July 30, 2009


I feel like a human waste basket sometimes, or perhaps a basket case, but that's another story. I am the creature who accepts all things gooey and torn from my children's hands. I am the catcher of splashes, the towel for middle of the night throw up, the tissue when the tissue box runs dry and noses are still running.

I was the vessel for the babies whose conception was receptacle-like as well.

I am the holder of their dreams.

And for my students too. The gatherer of thick white paper, the listener of dear god great plans.

And now it is the characters who ladle themselves and their thoughts into my jumbled and too busy mind. Their gestures, their likes and dislikes, their clothing and their complaints.

All in all I wouldn't have it any other way. There is so much treasure in trash.

*note, I am feeling trashy today, so you can check out my post "Trash or Treasure" over at give a girl a pen.


  1. Adore that art! And then you made me laugh. And think. Great start to the day.

  2. LOL ahhh, so true! :) And just when you think the receptacle is full, here comes another load (this may possibly contribute to the whole "basket case" thing). But you are so right - there is a ton of treasure in that trash. You just have to make sure you recognize it when you see it ;-D

  3. I like that analogy better than the one I use. I sometimes say I feel like a donut at a fat camp - everyone wanting a piece of me.

  4. Don't forget the accepter of all friend's gripes! ;)

  5. LOVE this post. You write beautifully about what it is to be a mom, writer and teacher.

  6. Awesome!

    I'm going over to give a girl a pen.

  7. Such a great post and analogy. I love it.

  8. Trish: You do nothing for my vanity problem. ;)
    Michelle: Laundry Basket! See I got it!
    Tess: No, I think perhaps yours is better!
    Mandy:I love a gripy friend.
    L&L: Ummm, that comment made my unagented butt really happy.
    T: As are you!
    Sarah: Are you feeling better?

  9. And yet I don't see you as a trash recepticle but rather a beautiful vase. All things green and growing, all things blooming and in need of nurturing--and you are the vase.

  10. Oh LT! I will remember that next time I feel this way! Thanks!

  11. I love your writing. I just... love your writing.

    Your post was a nice way for me to end a crappy Friday. I have more descriptive words for my Friday but they all require a free reign with the f word and I am trying so hard to be restrained.
    It's midnight Friday here. So at least it's over. Hope your is better and that there aren't too many dripping noses requiring your attention today :)