Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sound

In my part of the world the ocean is not really the ocean at all.
It is an inlet of water called The Sound.
Some think it is dirty and murky. A poor excuse for an ocean. Not me.

It is my reflection. Sometimes it is glassy like a lake. So very still.
Sometimes it turns bright green and the waves kick up and the swell mimics the movement of its sister seas.

A lucky traveler, I have been to many oceans. Dreamy with coral reefs, or powerful high tide swells, mini tsunamis to ride. I love them all (I have sea water in my blood, we all do).... but in the end it is The Sound.

The lapping of The Sound, the seaweed littered Sound, the sulfur low tide Sound, the brown sand pebbled Sound.... it eases my mind.

Today we spent the day there, at the beach, and I listened to them talk, those people all afraid of the seaweed and the brownish water ...which is simply a reflection of the sand.

I laughed and collected lucky stones with my girls and we waded through the salty sea, running in and out of the waves and my babies said "Mermaid hair Mommy! Look at all the Mermaid hair!" And the puzzled throngs around us suddenly understood. This was a magic place, full of secrets and calm, clean waters, where mermaids come to comb their hair, and leave green bits of it behind.


  1. Sounds like you are near where I grew up. I have no idea if it is still there, but I used to take sailing lessons at Black Rock Yacht Club... that was twenty years ago.

  2. This is a very lyrical post. You must be my "elemental" twin because this is just how I feel about the sea. Ironically, I live in a desert. What?!

  3. Elana: Awwww thanks!
    BJ: You too (what book are you going to buy?)
    Journalizer: It doesn't ring a bell... Milford?
    Tricia: XO
    LT: The desert reminds me of the ocean. Inside out.

  4. Hey,
    I think it was in Fairfield.
    But it doesn't matter. I love your description and remember days at the beach on The Sound.

    BTW, when I was a kid, I didn't know that wasn't the ocean. It was salt water and seemed like the ocean to me!

  5. I spent my whole year in 7th grade living right on the ocean. Right on it, in a beach front rental.

    My mom was a bit zany and we moved around a lot...but she got it right that year. It was magic.

  6. Tess! You should write about that (you probably already have) a whole story about a zany mom and a year in a beachfront rental! I can almost smell it!

    If you don't I will!;)

  7. I was at the West Haven beach/boardwalk area this morning. Became mezmerized by the sparkling tips of the waves. Nice...

  8. I think this is one of the best things I have read for quite some time. A place for mermaids, beauty seen in its simplest form.You painted a perfect day in my mind, thanks.

  9. Susan: I know... just lovely.

    Glynis: I needed to hear that! Thank you so much.