Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ten Honest Things About *Me*: Vanity Thursday

This is fun. But hard. Here we go. I took this from Tess who was tagged by L.T.

*Qualifier* you are not allowed to get mad at me for being honest. So if you don't really want to know anything about me, come back tomorrow when I will ramble about writing, society, and nostalgia some more.

1. That's me in the picture above. I just took it. I am not overly stunning. But honest thing number one is that I am vain. I am vain even though I know I am not the prettiest person. I simply always think I should be. At 5 foot nothing and with middle age acne, I still feel beeeeutifuuuuul when I look in the mirror. I can't seem to understand why everyone doesn't agree with me? Hmmmm.

2. I don't like massages. I avoid them at all costs. Ewwwwwww! I have given away gift certificates to day spas. I am not a fan of being touched by strangers. I don't like them from family members either. I call it "extended touching." Not for me.

3. I never thought I would get married. I turned down 3 proposals (to be fair, only one of them had a ring) before I said yes to Bill. 3a:(I am superstitious and believe that he is my soul mate)

4. I never thought I would have more than one child. I have three. I am consistently surprised by this and need to take to my bed to recover. *visualize a very dramatic back of the hand to my forehead*

5. I try drinking too much. Even though my father is a recovering alcoholic, I find something tragic and dark and lovely at the core of addiction. But my body has three drinks and throws up. I know, I know, I am lucky... but still... the ice in the glass, the middle of the afternoon martini, the slurring mother in the indecent lingerie, how I aspired to be her. And I'm not. BUT: I made her into a character in Haunting Anne. Ah, how I love her. Poor, poor Lucy. It was so enormously SAD when.... (whoops, almost gave you a spoiler!)

6. I have a potty mouth. Very foul. My favorite word is not one I will write down. It starts with F. It is supremely versatile, it can be an adjective, a noun, a verb... whatever you want it to be! A word that is ALWAYS there for me whenever I need it. What a word. *sigh* It was one of my first ever spoken words, so my mother tells me. I am consistent, right. No f'n around.

7. I look forward to getting old. Every day has been better than the one before, and I want to be a grandmother. I truly do. I visualize myself all round and in the kitchen making yummy food for little babies who love me and who I can spoil.

8. I used to scream incoherently about 3 times a week. I liked doing it best in an empty bathtub or in my car. It hurt my throat. I stopped doing it right around the time I began writing my novels.

9. My closest in person friends are all aware and accepting that I can't be a joiner and won't attend parties or dinners or ... whatever. I think it makes it even more special when I actually show up. ;)See number 1.

10. The real me, the me that lives in my head, is below. Incognito with a hint of lunacy? Agoraphobic? Oh well. Hi.


  1. I didn't think these were 'seedy' at all. :) But I did have a good laugh. I probably should have mentioned that I would love to have free reign with the F word when I posted ten things about me on my blog! And you are right, it is a wonderfully versatile little word that packs a lovely punch when required. :) Oh and I love the last photo! :)

  2. Good to "know" you better, Suzanne! Personally, I think both photos were great - don't we all have more than one personality, really? :-)

  3. Tabitha: I knew you would agree!
    Jamie: I think I have at least 27. ;)

  4. I love you even more now! We have a lot in common except for the grandmother thing! I don't even know if I want to be called grandma! Maybe G-ma or just Mandy. Mandy is good. :D

  5. Ariel: Ouch I miss you.
    Mandy: Mandy IS good. You are too good. The book is good too! ;)

  6. Loved the pics and getting to know you better. You're one gorgeous gal--in BOTH pictures! And as for number 6, I was a sailor in my previous 4 lives. =P Also, I can't wait to hear more about Lucy.

  7. LT: That really doesn't help my vanity problem :) But THANKS!!!!!! And Lucy... oh my Lucy. I hope Anne gets published just so she can have some fun in the great wide world. Lucy needs to get OUT!

  8. Oh, we have another thing in common -- I look forward to aging. I am the only one I know who considers ADDING years to my age when I meet people. It stems from the fact that my mom always shaves off 15 years and I think..."You look like crap for 50, but not so bad for 65". See? If I'm 40 and say I'm 43 then people think MAN, she looks hot for 43. But, if I lie and say I'm 35 people think, MAN she looks haggard for 35.

    Crazy thinking, I know.

    Looking back at this comment, maybe we have the vanity thing in common as well ;)

  9. Tess! I completely agree! Adding years is a great thing to do! I am 38 but already tell people I am 40.

    How young I look for 40!

  10. I love this! I just re-read all those ten things and I'm jealous by how genuinely interesting they are! May I pretty please steal this for my next post?

  11. Angie: Me too!
    Danyelle: Aw! XO Now you do one, did you do one?

    Sarah: Absolutely, Please do!

  12. Thanks for sharing more about yourself! I always like to see different pictures of bloggers. The profile is so small and hard to really see!

  13. I love this! Not only can I relate to more than a few, I love the fact that it's so honest. Usually ten things lists are about pumps vs flats Brad Pitt crushes and favorite colors. Much more interesting to hear about drinking, screaming and alter egos!

  14. Jd: I am glad you love, and I knew you would relate.. I could just tell. I am taking this compliment seriously. Seriously.

  15. Oooh I hate massages too... or touching of any kind... er, besides from my husband. I don't know what it is, but I have serious personal space issues. People think it's funny to try and pretend to give me a hug, but it usually just makes me angry. Heck, I have a tough time at the hairdresser on occasions (I get really tense) and all she does is occasionally touch my scalp. LOL.

    Faith @

  16. Thanks for making me laugh. :) Glad to know you better. And BTW, I hate massages too. Ick!

  17. Oh, I'm totally with you on 1,2,6 and 7! The only way I'll tolerate a massage is in the context of your favorite word that begins with F. I mean, please, massages are intimate!

    However, I have succeed at your #5. Many times.

    Nice blog!

  18. I so enjoyed getting to know you in ten little steps. Just a few comments from my end:

    1. I'm vain, too, but didn't realize it until the middle-age spread started happening.

    2. I can't drink either but everytime I see a show with cocktails being served I want a martini. I drink but my limit is usually two.

    3. Having grandchildren (I have one, he's 7) is the GREATEST thing EVER!

    4. The word "F***er" is part of my every day (sometimes by the minute) vocabulary, but I only say it when alone.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. This is wonderfully written, Suzanne. So you, so charismatic, so clever and funny. Wonderful! I love reading your blog when I get a chance. And I loved reconnecting this summer. Blessings and love, Sarah M-S