Thursday, July 9, 2009

Watch what you touch

Next week I will be on vacation. We are making our annual trip to the antique mecca in Brimfield Massachusetts. SO... No blogging from 7/13-7/20. Anywho, I was thinking about this vacation season and all of the in and out of shops and walking and carriages and making sure I have everything in my "Mommy" bag.

Going into stores or visiting rows of antique booths with my kids makes me crazy. "Don't touch that!", "Watch out! That's GLASS!", "No you CAN"T have that old, used, 400 dollar barbie."

I am always telling them to watch what they touch. They might break something. But will they? Isn't it important to touch things? To feel them? I know I like touching things from the past. I like to feel the heaviness of use. And even new things.... a new skirt or pair of glasses, we have to get the feel for all of it, don't we?

And what about people? Isn't it important to make connections with people, to touch their lives? This week I say goodbye to a student worker who has been sitting across from me helping me out for a little over a month. Not a long time, not really... and still, I am better for knowing her. She touched my life. She is a part of the fabric of the summer of 2009. I hate to say goodbye.

We touch everything. If it isn't with our hands it is with our minds. No matter what I tell my girls, they will bring something back with them from their arduous journey through the antique fields. A history lesson. A memory of a photograph of a child their age in an era long ago. A musty stuffed animal. A week with their parents who are not rushing off to work.

Everything touches us. A car speeding past and cutting us off may be a person whose child is in the hospital, not just an Ass. A mean spirited man in line could have been abused as a child, or maybe just had a fight with his wife.

The things we can't know are the things we need to lean into. I am leaning into a storm right now. I can't wait to see what fingerprints are left behind.

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  1. Have fun antiquing! It sounds so fun! And I'm always telling my kids not to touch stuff, too, but they really would drop stuff. :) Maybe when they're older.

  2. Have a great vacation. We're taking off on Monday for Yellowstone.

    And, I think you're wrong on one point. We need to touch people physically (yes, their bodies - lol). I know you were joking, but I have a habit of putting my hand on a friends arm when I say hello or giving a hug goodbye. It's important.

  3. Bj: How old are your kiddles?

    Tess: I agree. Thanks! I am going to clarify that idea. I lOVE blogging writer friends. Yellowstone? I have never been. Post pictures!

  4. How fun for you and your girls! I can't wait to hear all about it. (Like Suzanne said, post pictures!)

  5. I love to pick up old stuff. I feel like it carries the history of other lives and places in it. Gives me some connection to a thread of lives.
    Have a most magical and intriguing holiday with lots of touching(and hopefully little stress).

  6. Have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your antiques, I am handing something old over to my daughter on the 25th. It is the good luck silver sixpence, my mother in law had in her shoe on her wedding day,(English tradition), she gave it to me and I am passing it on.
    I am glad our blogs have touched across the airwaves ;0