Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cleaning House

Oh my. The fall has fallen and it just turned 90 degrees. It doesn't matter. Kids will be in school, and I am already in December, planning finals and presentation on fall Syllabi.

A few bloggy things:

I won more awards! These are SUCH great honors, and I have already posted my rule breaking, horrible behavior, but I do think a shout out to the great bloggers who took the time to do it right need a visit:

Danyelle: Thanks SO much. You are a wonderful resource and great teacher.
Andrea: Um. Soul sisters for sure. I am so excited for what is in store for you this year.
Strange Fiction: YAY!!!! I am always so happy when I visit your blog.
Vegas Linda Lou: A great blog, a great writer, a new friend. Check her out!
Sarah: S&S all the way.

If I missed any, please forgive me and send me an email and I will make sure to pick them up. Coming back from blogging vacations is crazy! But wonderful.....

Now, posting hours and content:

I will be posting when I can, three or four times a week, and the content may turn more teacherly as I open the blog up for student forum questions. I'll try to keep it interesting, I promise!

Social Networking:

For those of you who facebook, I just loaded 95 pictures of my summer. Friend me why don't you? Badge at bottom of page. And even though I don't twitter that much, I do have an account:

Novel News: Still waiting on responses from submitted full Manuscripts for Novel Number One, Haunting Anne. Working a few things out with Novel Number Two: The Junk Garden before sending for beta reader critiques.

Ooooooh. I think that's all.



  1. Congrats on the awards! Good luck back at school. I'm kind of excited for the teacherly posts. Does that make me a total nerd? Why, yes. Yes it does.

  2. Yes, it is that time of year. And, okay, I will also admit that I am interested in seeing the 'teacherly posts'...

  3. You deserve all those awards! Congrats!
    Ugh. Fall is elbowing its way into the cafeteria, isn't it? I wish someone would, like, trip it.
    I also kind of perked up when you talked about teacherly posts.
    Good luck with all the planning :)

  4. teacherly posts? I am intrigued...

    Congrats on the awards. I think you deserve them too.

  5. Congrats on the awards and I'm so glad you're back! Can't wait to hear all about the teacherly posts!

  6. It's okay to be 90 degrees...it's still August and winter will come soon enough. Where I live, winter lasts a full 6 months, so I am in no hurry. Have fun with the new semester and all that jazz! And, just have to comment what a great title 'The Junk Garden' is. Really, really great.

  7. I like teacherly posts!

    Good luck on the submission...I trust you'll keep us updated!

  8. just as long as you keep posting.. lol,, vacation here also..tommorow through 9-7. Going to East coast, going to look for or maybe build castle.

  9. Thanks for the kind words, Suzanne! Very much appreciated. I have some “stupid boys” stuff going on and need all the heavy duty girl power support I can get! XOXO

  10. Good luck with that sylabi! Or however you spell it. :)

  11. very, very good,, and thnx,,:)

  12. Three or four posts a week?!?! That's still amazing by my standards. I don't plan on posting much of anything until after Monday when school starts and I'm finally, truly alone (until VB practice at 3 that is) You are a blogging machine!