Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recipe Saturday: Figs

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I'm BACK! Yay... I think....

Anyway, I thought a lot yesterday about telling the story of my beach vacation. I thought about writing something witty, like a revisionist tale. Taking the actual vacation experience and revising it like a good writer should.

You know, beginning with how we all piled into the car, children rosy cheeked and giddy with anticipation (editing out the night before we left and the vomiting of all said children who came down with a stomach virus) and then proceeding to endless days of beachy goodness, sandy peaches and award winning sandcastles (editing out the day I spent with the same stomach virus, the sunburns, the body board rashes, and the incessant "I want to go home's" from the baby)

Instead I decided to be a good conformist blogger and stick to my schedule. Recipe Saturday. This week, it is less about a recipe and more about an introduction to an exotic mouth adventure.

Figs. What do you know about them? I grew up eating fresh figs, but the more I learn of people the more I meet the culinary deprived. Poor souls. ;)

Most of you probably know dried figs, like the chewy rings you can buy during the Holidays or the mashed up kind you get in fig newtons.

Fresh figs are nothing like their dried selves. They are less sweet, with a velvety texture and a surprise coarseness as they melt on your tongue. Yummy fruit of the gods.

You can find them now, they are in season. They are pricey, but worth it. Here is how you know you have a good one. Look at your hand. Squeeze your fingers together and then feel the muscle (with your other hand) next to your thumb. THAT is what you are looking for in a good, ready to eat, fig.

But how do you eat them?

Cut off the top (just a little, where the stem was)
quarter them.
sprinkle with a little lemon juice and salt (YES I SAID SALT)

Some folks wrap them in prosciutto (an Italian ham) that's good too... but the above way is my favorite.

Enjoy. A party in your mouth I tell you. A party.




  1. Ah, your last few days sound like they took place in the same difficult universe as mine. Sigh. But it is glorious to start a Saturday with a fig. They are definitely on the gods' plates. Happy weekend to you.

  2. Body board rashes are enough to keep kids out of the water for weeks due to the fear of another rash. And the stomach virus sounds extra fun! I've never tried a fresh fig, but now I would like one.

  3. Here's hoping for fast recovery from the vacation. My dad's got the biggest fig tree I've ever seen in his backyard...and I don't like 'em! Something about the gritty slimy texture. My twin did make a good strawberry fig jam last week, though.

  4. Oooh, I saw fresh figs at Whole Foods yesterday. They were on sale, and I was tempted, but I didn't know quite what to do with them. Now I do! Thanks!

  5. Sorry about the stomach thing! I hope it didn't keep you down too long. Glad you're back!

  6. I love dried figs...have never tried them fresh but might give it a go with this suggestion. How do you eat so many yummy things and stay so tiny? Or do you just make them and let others eat them? Just wierd wondering...

    On a slightly related, but very off-beat note, we used to go camping out in the SoCa dessert every fall. On the way back, they would have dried fig and date stands and my mom would buy them by the POUNDS and we'd eat them aaallll the way home. Do you know what pounds of figs and dates do to you? Well, let's just say it was miserable being locked in a car about a half hour after we started the feast. Someone would yell, "Time to roll the windows down" and we'd all start laughing. See what a classy family I came from?? Lovely memories....

  7. Yay! Welcome back! I don't think I've had figs (fresh or died) before but maybe I'll try them.

  8. While I'm all for a party in my mouth, I don't eat anything I don't like the sound of--soy, sushi, guacamole... Figs will never make the cut. Picky, picky.

  9. I am so glad you are back. I hope you enjoyed your week away. Blogging world was a little less crisp and colorful without you here. I came and checked out your blog just in case you actually decided to blog during the week and my dashboard was lying to me about your lack of updates. But I am glad you got away. How went the re-read?

    Figs hey? We eat them in scones over here. I have never had an undried version. Must check this out....

  10. Lol, I love the edited bits, they are soooo true to life.
    We are about to start on our fig season, I have a tree and love them! We have them as you suggest and as a treat we have a little vanilla icecream too.

  11. well now, with all that, you should be rested up. Figs sound good. glad ur back. it was a long time.. lol

  12. so sorry about the vacation! wow, sounds like quite a trip :) But the figs sound delicious. I've never tried one (other than in Fig Newtons, of course) but I may have to go get a few :D