Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recipe Saturday: Rose Petal Punch

I love roses. I know that seems so ordinary, doesn't everyone? But really, what isn't there to love? I love wild roses and sea roses. I love big hot house roses and hybrid roses. I like them in every color... and they come in every color! White to black and all colors in between.

Roses (as long as they are not covered in pesticide, so use your own) are good to cook with. Rose water is used in Indian Rice pudding and many other amazing recipes. Rose hips, those big red things left after the roses lose their bloom are good for making jelly. Rose petals adorn cakes and salads and princess hair.

Whenever I have loose rose petals laying around, you know, here in my princess life where every so often they simply fall from the sky and cover my world, I like to sprinkle them over my daughters as they take baths. Nothing makes a little girl feel more like a lady then a few rose petals in a tub of water.

In the summer, when I was little and we stayed at the summer house, my mother would fill one of those old fashioned enamel washing bowls full of water and we would put all kinds of flowers in it to steep and then wash my hair in the garden. True story. I have never felt so beautiful. Anyway...

Summer time is a great time for PUNCH!!!!! Fun and easy. Here is my recipe that will dazzle all princesses and will puzzle most men. So, interesting all around!

Large punch bowl, ladle, cups.

1 2 liter bottle ginger ale (If you want the punch really pink use raspberry ginger ale)
1 small bottle rose water (generally found in natural food stores, but you can make it yourself and use however much tastes good. Google it.)
I carton pink lemonade (or home made) *Pulp Free*

Mix all ingredients together in the punch bowl and add:

Big Ice Cube filled with Rose petals. (WHAT?)

Okay, totally stolen from a Martha Stewart show eons ago. I was mesmerized... and it works!

Use a half gallon container of orange juice or milk. (drink the stuff first, and then save the container! Waste not, want not!) Cut off the top so you have a perfect rectangle, fill with water and rose petals (lots of rose petals!) and freeze!

When your punch is ready, run the carton for a moment under hot water, remove the rose ice cube from the carton and put in punch! Instant magic.

It is a beautiful, rosy day here on the east coast. Go out and enjoy it! OH! And for all you grown up princes and princesses, feel free to add some grain alcohol to that punch. BUT make sure to keep it up high or clearly mark it so you don't have to call poison control. Dont ask......


  1. Yum. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you could cook with rose petals. That's very interesting.

  2. I love roses, too. I used to make rose potpourri and the smell filled the house constantly. I've also used rose water in fruit salad. You soak a packet of dried fruit with enough water to cover with a teaspoon of rosewater. Leave overnight in the fridge. Delish! Lovely blog!

  3. Awesome post! I'm useless when it comes to growing roses, so I'm going to hop over to my neighbor to see if she'll donate to my cause. Lovely stories and great recipe!

  4. Pretty awesome punch (that's meant to convey layers of meaning, secrets in the hidden depths and total awe at washing hair in the garden with rose water, sigh) ;) I'm off in search of rose petals...

  5. That washing your hair in the scented water is AWESOME. What a cool mom. And a great recipe!

  6. The village ladies use a lot of rose water here in Cyprus, it is used in many recipes. I have many roses in the garden and will try your recipe, thanks.

    I think I might use your hair washing treat too! How lovely.

  7. Thanks for sharing!! I can smell it already.

  8. Oooh this sounds wonderful! Thanks!

  9. Roses are great; Beautiful, aromatic, and resilient, such pleasant qualities,, :)