Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recipe Saturday: Sweet easy treat oh, and ummmm some more AWARDS!!!!

Fried Peach Pies Pictures, Images and Photos

I am feeling sweet today. Something happened when the storm blew through last night. I feel like it took away a lot of my worry. I keep forgetting that things are going to land where they land, and I have always been a "chips fall where they may" kind of gal.

I received two more bloggy awards! I am so proud of these. Again, I will break form and post them. BUT I just can't decide who to choose between all the great and deserving bloggers out there. This one is from Suzette Saxton who is an incredible writer and an all around delightful person. Thanks Suzette!

And then there is my amazing critique partner and now close, dear friend, Mandy! She gave me this one! XO Mandy. You know how I feel......

Thanks so much you guys! I appreciate them more than you know.

Now, onto the recipe. It seems like a thousand years ago, but there was a time before I worked this 9-5 gig. I stayed at home, doing the adjunct circuit online and at night, with a few online consulting part time jobs, for almost six years. When I look back, I can't believe the things I did at home. The organizing of all the toys (no lost pieces, EVER!) the helping with the homework, the bringing to and from piano and ballet (none of them do any of that anymore, yikes!)

The thing we all miss, I think, is the amount of cooking. I usually started dinner in the morning, and I made all sorts of yummy things. I baked a lot of bread. Loaves and loaves of fluffy white bread, and round Italian loaves too. I love baking bread. It is art, in my opinion. But this is not a bread recipe! Fooled you?

Dessert wasn't something I grew up with. We had dessert on Sunday's and sometimes in the summer there was icecream or pops. We always ate fruit. I can remember my papa peeling an apple with an knife, it was incredible the way the skin looped around and didn't break. He was talented.

Anyway, we have dessert in my house. Dinner is not complete without a cookie, or something else to satisfy whatever those skinny minnies of mine want. (How they eat and don't gain weight I will never understand. Thank GOD for my husband's super fast metabolism genes.)

One of the desserts my family used to enjoy the most were little fried pies. Easy, economical, versatile and smile making.


Store bought pie dough (usually in the refrigerated section) OR for fluffier ones, just use large biscuit dough (The pop can type)
Filling: any pie filling from a can, OR be creative and make your own!
Powdered sugar
a small bowl of water or beaten egg


If you use biscuit dough, just pop them open and use a rolling pin to flatten them out. If you use Pie crust dough, lay out the dough and use a small bowl or large glass (you want them 6-8 inches in diameter) to cut circles out of the dough. (both doughs are NICE, you don't even have to flour your surfaces... so easy to work with)

Heat about 1/2 inch oil in a frying pan over medium heat and prepare a couple of plates with paper towels.

Put desired filing inside the circles of pie crust and dab the edges with egg or water. Fold over to make a crescent and then pinch edges together. Fingers or forks, whatever works for you.

When the oil is ready (remember the trick, a tiny drop of water? See if it dances?)
Put one or two pies in at a time.

THESE TAKE UNDER FIVE SECONDS ON EACH SIDE!!!!!!! No joke, they go in, you flip them, they come out. Use your judgment. If you flip and one side isn't golden enough, flip it back. But do not leave the area. These cook fast and will burn.

Take them out and drain on the paper toweled plates. When you are done, transfer to a nice dish and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

There you go. Some sweet, fast, deliciousness on this sweet, sunny, delicious day (in the north east anyway.)




  1. Ooooo sounds very yummy :D And congrats on the awards!!

  2. Yum! I remember making these with my mom when I was a kid, and I'd forgotten about them. Super yummy as meat pies too. :D

    Congrats on the awards!

  3. Thanks Michelle!

    And Abby, genius! YES, fill them with taco meat and stuff like that. Duh!

  4. YUMMY! Congrats on your othe award!

  5. YUM! Thanks for bringing back recipe Saturday - you know I missed it!!!
    I really think - in addition to this whole horror fiction thing you've got going on, you should consider collaborating with that brilliant chef husband of yours on a collection of Italian American recipes and stories..... you could make it New Haven area specific even.....

  6. This is so delicious looking that I think I'm going to the store to get the ingredients right now.
    Congrats on the award!!

  7. Yay on more blingage and yum on the apple fritters! (Great with wonton wrappers. I've filled those with leftover spaghetti & meat sauce before and sprinkle tops with Parm. or Romano. mmmmmm!)

    PS on the round Italian bread. Coulda used ya last night serving supper at men's shelter. My SIL had to buy those loaves at Whole Foods!

  8. I can't wait to try these! My little fruit bats will devour them, I'm sure.

  9. delish and easy! i'm so in.

    too bad i don't have a super fast metabolism to go with 'em.

  10. Sounds great! I love easy recipes!

  11. Congrats on the awards. I will have to try that recipe. I have never heard of it.

  12. Those sound delicious! I'll have to make some soon. I bet they'd make a great housewarming gift for my friends.