Friday, August 7, 2009

Show and Tell

Jumping on the virtual Conference Bandwagon (Thanks Lisa and Laura! )There are a few smaller, less followed blogs I'd like to share. Let's open doors, shall we?

First: Differences with the same Likeness. Now, we know we all sort of skim through blogs ;) but this one grabs me and makes me forget what I am doing. A wonderful storyteller. A careful crafter of words that never disappoint. Not to be missed. Though I have a feeling he may get miffed with me for publicizing his brilliance.

Next: I think therefore I blog. When I see her blog updated I trip over myself trying to get to the keyboard so I can have a laugh. Clear, crisp, witty writing that always makes me think.

Last, but not least: a NEW blogger: Let's give her a warm welcome shall we? Get Back Loretta!

Okay. Now yesterday some of you asked if I write poetry. I answered with a clear and resounding Yes and it is pretty bad. BUT, if you are interested, take a trip over to my dark side (lest we not forget that though I seem to have surrounded myself with YA authors and networkers, I write adult/horror. (Not smut... just for the older set ;)) So when I am feeling particularly dark I write over there, so as not to scare you folks away. The Wednesday Chronicles is a team blog that I run with a writer friend who likes wallowing in darkness too.

I put a poem up last night. Laugh away. Remember I warned you.....

AND, If you are interested (I have you jumping all around, sorry!) I blogged yesterday at give a girl a pen on how we write emotion.




  1. Always fun to 'meet' new blogger, isn't it? I keep a keen eye out for MG writers (they are hard to find sometimes), so I get how fun it is to stumble upon a blog that you can get excited about :)

  2. Just what I need... more blogs to follow!
    Now I'll never get to the supermarket! :)

  3. Well there you go. You just filled up my whole afternoon! Seriously, though, thank you for all of the links. I love finding new blogs!

  4. Yay! The conference is gaining momentum! Thanks for the mention Suzanne!

  5. Suzanne, that you write "darkness" and horror when you are clearly made of sweetness totally baffles me and also totally impresses me.
    And poetry? Another secret talent??! I'm off to read it.

    PS: Thank you! I'll have to remember to stay modest;)

  6. Great blog! Loved your poem on The Wednesday Chronicles. Will have to check out your links.

  7. Those were great blogs Suz! I'm glad you shared them.

    And, you have talent in poem writing, don't be modest. :)

  8. Thanks for the links. I will check them out. And you write poetry too? I am off to read it. I won't laugh... I promise.

  9. I need to check out your other blogs. Thanks for putting the links up here. =]