Friday, September 11, 2009

15 hours

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I am allergic to Autumn. I sneeze my way through Halloween and mostly through Thanksgiving too... unless it snows. I am fine once it snows. I think, when I die, it will be snowing in heaven. That light first snow. Snow globe snow. Glitter.

Anyway...maybe because it is a cooler September, I have Autumnitis early. It hit me yesterday like a bloated zeppelin. I couldn't see straight, type straight, teach straight, drive straight. I left work early and managed to make it home without killing myself and everyone on the highway. Miracles do happen.

Once home I promptly took some allergy medicine and went. to. sleep............for fifteen hours.

I got up once, I think, to soothe some mommy missing littles to bed. And to listen to my big little tell me about her amazing day at school. And then I fell asleep again. Or did I dream all that? I dreamt a lot. And I think I woke a lot too. I thought up the most wonderful stories and tried to find a pencil but couldn't find a pencil because I was in the bathtub but it wasn't my bathtub now it was my old bathtub from when I was a little girl and the world was quiet.

And I thought about if this was how Michael Jackson must have wanted to feel all the time and why?? Because the world was soft and hard and I was trying to find a pencil but I couldn't because I was outside in the rain and it was raining and I was laughing but then I couldn't understand why I was wet because I was looking in the mirror and then I was screaming because....

"Wake up. You're dreaming." said my patient husband who was keeping track of the hours I slept, collecting them in a wife notebook to use at a later date?

Dreaming. Of course.


  1. how are you this morning? Now everyone can call back the search party, that you have returned,, lol..

  2. Ugh. And here I was bemoaning my sinus problems...but it sounds like they aren't nearly as bad as yours. Not sure if I should be wishing snow your way this early?

    Hope you're feeling better...

  3. Even your allergy-dream-wandering is lovely, but I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh poor you! My son takes an all natural medication now that he gets at the health food drowsiness. Hope you clear up soon!

  5. Uck! I have allergies as well but this past week I've had the full blown flu!!! Now I'm at the hacking stage, still sweating like there no tomorrow. I have three flights to catch next week, so I might spend my b-day at the doctors office begging for antibiotics and scaring the he%% out of his patients.

  6. I have allergies, too. And like T. Anne, I've had the flu this week. I thought it was a head cold, but it moved to my chest. I'm feeling better today. Anyhow, hope you get those allergies under control. Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh! *raising hand and jumping out of seat* I can help you!

    My son suffers from horrible allergies. Horrible ones. It's a long story how it came about, but he now uses the neti pot every night during allergy season and his symptoms are 90% better. Not completely gone, but no more swollen eyes, no more up all night with stuffy and itchy face parts, no more crying because he just wants to sit on the deck and enjoy the view but knows his eyes will swell shut if he does.

    Look it up. Neti Pot. You buy them (and the very important salts) at WalMart by the allergy medicine. It works, I swear it has changed his life.

    It is a bit counter intuitive pouring water up your nose, but if a 10 year old boy can do it all on his own (he started at 8), you can too :)

  8. All! Thanks for the thoughts~!

    Tess: I am sooooo there! Like going to buy one RIGHT NOW. On my lunch hour!

  9. I second the neti pot suggestion! Loretta just turned me onto them. Life changing!

  10. Suzanne, it doesn't seem to matter what you write about, I am inspired. I often find myself checking to see if you blog has updated before I turn to my own writing. There is something in the way you write about the world that resonates so clearly in me. In this post it's that snow."That light first snow. Snow globe snow. Glitter." Gosh, I feel the edges of heaven in that. And the edges of family and a home I once had at the foothills of the Rocky mountains. And your dreams... I wish you had found that pencil. Somehow I want to know more. You must never stop writing girl. You'll make me want to cry :)

  11. I hope you feel better soon! Allergies are awful.

  12. Gosh I didn't realize allergies were so bad..I will think twice before complaining about my arthritis, if I had to choose perhaps I have the better of the two. Hope you are better Suzanne.......:-) Hugs

  13. Suzanne,
    sorry for the allergies, but
    i can also attest to the Neti Pot.

    5 days ago, i was a Neti virgin...
    now? i do it twice a day
    (he said with a blush & double-entendre).

    dreams are vital... both the waking and the nocturnal.
    chase them in all forms!

    okay... and the photo above?
    the VW Karmann Ghia is my very favorite car!
    peace~ Chuck

  14. Suzy, The drugs will get you every time. Damn drug companies - they're out to destroy us all! (Kidding - my honey works for the biggest one of all.)

    Stop by my place when you get a chance. I've left something there for you.;-)

    Word ver: panked - A milder form of spanking used by couples in sex play.

    "Would you like a panking, honey?"
    "Why, yes! I thought you'd never ask!"

  15. I felt like sleeping 15 hours today and my allergies haven't even started yet! It's one of those dreaded sunny days that is making me feel bad for not wanting to go out in the world. Damn manipulative Sun!

    BTW - I've also been told by numerous people that using a netti pot will solve my annual sinus infection issues. Shall we both give it a go?

  16. I can't decide whether I hate drug-induced sleep because of the side effects or love it because it means I actually get some sleep. Hmmm.