Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day: Oh to celebrate work....

Ah the joys of a holiday. How I dread them. Is this strange? I have never derived any sort of relaxation out of parties, picnics, birthdays, or any other day that society force feeds me.

I prefer the accidental peace. The snow day. The impromptu road trip. The Jury Duty. Is this so wrong? It isn't that I don't respect or understand the reasons why we have the holiday. It's just that I think our culture (American culture) takes these things and runs wild with them. "Have fun! Relax! YOU BETTER... oh! And spend money, and don't forget to invite a crowd of people over to destroy your home and make that extra day off work all about cleaning. One more thing, that fight with your spouse over the party? Just one more FUN thing... a challenge of sorts. Are you up for it citizen? You better be!"

Oh my country, will you get out of my head and off my TV screen? You mock me.

I wish my children's birthdays didn't make me cringe. I wish we could have a cake after dinner and quietly open delightful presents, just us, in the candlelight. I wish that these picnic days off (Memorial, Labor, etc....) were about the men and women who work and died and served our country and our society... instead of some kind of crazy "you must work at being a good party partaking person."

I know, I know... this is all kind of upside down. But the truth is, the honest truth, stressful days off are not my cup of tea. Even if we have to go out, we are five deep in my car. So... we stay home. And I make myself a secret promise to celebrate things quietly, and appropriately, when I grow up.

Oh wait. I am grown up. Crap.

I hope the rest of you feel differently and enjoy every little second of this day. And I hope you don't work... too hard, at having a good time!



  1. Suzanne
    this is actually brilliant!

    and - i'm learning as i age (quickly) -
    it's totally fine to make up our own rules...
    that shows who we are!

    i pretend it's 1810, and
    i'm in charge of defining the holiday.

    and ya know what?
    i find that participants
    end up loving it! it's refreshing!

    so, i salute thee, and
    your quest for deeper meaning.
    you're there!

    Bravo~ Chuck

  2. My family and I are very laid back, so today, we are doing nothing. :D I'm going to write and my husband is going to read, and the kids are going to run through the sprinkler. Love my days.

  3. Hah, I SO get this! I hate it when I have to work at having fun. It does seem counterproductive.

    The only way that it's worth it is if we work hard to make sure our children can relax and have fun. For instance, all those vacations my parents took us on. Those must have been A LOT of work, but I'll remember them forever. Same with birthdays. I have one coming up for my daughter. Her third. I'm going to cringe and plan a fun get-together. I already know I'm going to get exhausted. *sigh*

  4. i'm with you! i once knew a girl who switched her holidays around (the ones "forced" upon her) and she had a crack-up good time with it. (of course, everyone thought she had cracked up...

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  5. Well said! I am able to avoid 'most' of the holiday madness by living in semi-isolation without television--and the hype that comes with it. Hope you can kick back and enjoy your day-your way!

  6. OMGosh how did you ever manage to crawl into my brain? And that picture of me in the kitchen at midnight? Really, is there a spy-cam attached to this blog? ;)

  7. Very very true. Sometimes the fun stuff is more work than fun. Unless it's at someone else's house. Right? Right. ;-)

  8. Thanks for all the comments guys! Why are you not out at parties? AND why did no one tell me I misspelled the title of this post?!!!

    It is our bloggy duty? Isn't it? Oy! Hope no agents were looking!

  9. No party gal today. No. Already went to the coast for a lovely walk Saturday, helped out mother. Phoned my peeps yesterday. Today is a labor of love--blogging, reading, writing.
    Happy day to all, whatever you do.

  10. I too much prefer being snowed in, sitting by the fireplace with a good book. It's so much more cozy than running and rushing around. I absolutely hear what you are sayin....Hugs

  11. Heh. Our family uses vacations as an excuse to spend time together at home reading or just being together. Of course, the Beloved Spouse Creature is the only one with a schedule that would include vacations. ;-)

  12. I'm terribly lazy so for my Labor Day, I've done nothing at all thus far.

  13. I'm right there with you! Can we just have the day off without the having to feel like we need to do something? We actually did nothing all weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with just my family. Loved it!

  14. Aw, no, I'll politely disagree.

    I love parties.

    It's the only time I get excited about cooking and cleaning. I love my house filled with people. I want them to have memories of me saying, 'Welcome! Here, eat more!'

    Heck, I spent the morning planning my daughter's sweet 16 party (which isn't till NEXT Sept.) We're thinking about a greek goddess theme - with lots of draped fabric and a chocolate fountain and couches with tons of pillows and white balloons everywhere and....

    okay, okay, I'll stop.

  15. Love this post and the photo! I am glad there is another soul out there who feels more at home with quiet celebrations. I am learning to stop apologizing for the fact that I find social get togethers a bit...difficult and sometimes lots of work. When Matt and I were first married he used to call me 'library tabby' because I prefer quiet and my own thoughts. Where as he can't be alone in the house for five mins without turning on every single thing that makes a noise...TV, radio, CD player etc!

  16. Ha! No parties for me today, despite my fellow teacher and sister "jumping up" on Eastern Pkwy in Brooklyn. I went shopping for ice cream with the kids. Worked on AP English lesson plans. Warmed up tilapia with lemon-spinach couscous, topped with sweet corn for dinner. Bathed the babies and primed myself for more reading and lesson planning. Totally incognito. I like it that way sometimes!

  17. Yep, I know what you mean. Although I enjoyed socializing at my friend's Labor Day party, I now have a bit of insomnia because my eating schedule was off, I ate too much dessert, and my kids start school tomorrow. My alarm clock is set to go off in just over an hour, and I'm surfin' blogs. Glad I found yours though. :)

  18. Haven't done much for a while! School holidays tend to put everything on hold. But it's nice not to do much apart from chill out at home.

    CJ xx

  19. Awww to be back from vacation. Now I can relax. I am headed, once again to my mental "front porch". I got a big ole grin on my face. thanx

  20. I so relate to this post,Suzanne. I enjoy time with friends and socializing, but I don't want it dictated to me when and where that should happen. I haven't had the TV on for awhile now,and it's been wonderful. So glad I found your blog.

  21. I sort of hate Labor Day too. Just get on with it already. It's Fall. Time for school. Get back to work.

    I know, I know, there's something really wrong with me.

  22. Chuck: *sigh*
    BJ: I love that you love your days!
    Lady G: It will be worth it!
    Jeannie: That sounds hilarious
    SF: I SURE DID!! :)
    T: Anne: Why you lovely thing you! ;)
    Elana: Drinks at your house? Hee hee
    Tricia: You always seem to float.
    Bernie: I am so glad you agree.
    Danyelle: BSC sounds fantastic.
    LT: Lazy is good!
    Lazy: How did I know you would agree?
    Tess: Can I come over?
    Tab: Kindred
    AJ: Teachers UNITE!
    Anita: Glad you found me too!
    Crystal: Holidays ruin a lot of things for me :(
    glnroz: SO happy you are back.
    Karen!: welcome!
    L&L: Girl, if there is something wrong with you... then I should be hospitalized.