Saturday, October 10, 2009

Comfort food: String Beans and Potatoes

Fall has arrived in Connecticut. I've never lived anywhere but the North East Coast of the U.S so I don't know much about the Fall other places... but it sure is some kind of lovely here.

The fall makes me want hot tea, and peach pie (yes I know... summer for some, not for me!) and bright red pears.

It's also a busy time. Classes are in mid term mode, the garden is being prepared for winter. The window boxes come down. The front porch screams for Halloween decorations. And even as it gets busier, the days grow shorter. Ahhhhh life, how you laugh at me.

My grandmother used her time well. She didn't waste anything, that woman. So on Mondays, especially in the colder months, she made the following recipe with the leftovers sauce from Sunday. I think it tastes best that way, but you can certainly use canned sauce, or for you veggies out there... you can use a meatless sauce and have yourselves a party (this is vegetarian if you don't use a meat sauce!)

String Beans and Potatoes:


Four Cups Fay's Sunday Sauce (or two fat cans of store bought tomato sauce meatless or otherwise)
Seven large potatoes, peeled, cut up. Not diced. Chunky, okay? Okay.
One large bag of frozen string beans, OR about a pound and a half of the fresh ones. (or more if you want it REALLY beany.)
Salt and pepper to taste


Grab leftover sauce from the Fridge and dump in the pan you used to cook the sauce in. The big soup pot, remember? Good. Put the pot by the sink and potatoes to it as you wash peel and cut them.

Look at the pot. Are the potatoes almost covered with sauce? Good. No? Add water until they are.

Add a teaspoon of salt. (Potatoes like salt)

Put pot on stove. Bring to a boil. Stir. When potatoes are almost tender, add the green beans (If you are using frozen, just dump in the bag. No worries about thawing or anything, it'll all work itself out in the boil. I promise.) Then taste. You probably need more salt. Add it, add pepper. (this dish likes black pepper)

Let it cook. If you like a mushy meal (I do!) I let it cook down for a while, adding a bit of water if it gets too thick before the potatoes get soft. If you like a crunchy fresh meal, cook less, taste and serve.

Really easy, really cheap, really yummy. Thanks Gram!




  1. Recipe Saturday!!!! I missed you!!! THANK YOU!!!! This sounds delicious - as all your recipes do!!!!

  2. yum,, sounds great on this weary and dreary Texas saturday morning. Kinda smiles at ya.. have a happy weekend, thnx

  3. Hi Suzanne-
    You must be Italian! Me too! I could so relate to this post. I live in on the East Coast, Philly girl now living in DE. Down here we call sauce "gravy" which sparks a lot of controversy with some.
    Sundays are macaroni and gravy! I crave apple crisps with hot cider this time of the year.
    Loved this post!

  4. Oh recipe Saturday, how I have missed you! <3
    I just wish I could be eating this stuff at your house. :)

  5. Where is the Beef? I'm a carnivore!

  6. Ariana & Ariel: I didn't cook much for a while! I've been so busy. But now that things are settling down, it will be a regular feature again.

    Glnroz: It isn't as yummy as those burgers.

    Mariah: WHAT?

    Lakeviewer: Check out the original recipe I linked back to. So much beef and bones you'll go crazy!

  7. I will absolutely be having this for dinner on Monday, as I have fresh green beans and potatoes and tomatoes lying around....I lived in MD and DC, and the weather and seasons are pretty much as they are in AR. BTW, I am making a needlepoint pillow from a Klimt design (love his work). Stopping over from SITS, come on by. I write humor blogs and about the ordinary on life on Wye Mt.

  8. Oh! I want this! And then tomorrow I want meatloaf and mashed potates made with butter and whipping cream. :-) And I'm going to need a bucket of turkey gravy, stat.

    Oh, man. Fall. It snowed in Minneapolis Friday night, but it was gone by noon Saturday. Wonder how long we'll be able to say THAT?



  9. Wait a minute. I just read your comments and realized that "sauce" is gravy! :-) ha ha

    Call it whatever you like. Just make sure you save some for me!

  10. Sounds great Suzanne. String beans and Tatties (aussie words for potatoes- all kinds of yummy:))

  11. Wait a minute...sauce is gravy? Okay. Translations needed Suzanne :) We nearly had this meal with the bright red stuff! :))

  12. It's 35 degrees here right now. That sounds warm and, yes, comforting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh, this sounds like good comfort food :) thanks for the recipe!

  14. I love string beans! I'm totally going to try this one out.

  15. This sounds so good, I am definitely going to try it.....:-) Hugs

  16. The best recipes are those passed down and this looks like a winner!

  17. This sounds so good. And I love recipes passed down through family.

    Put on your party shoes. Its my Sunday Night Awards Show and I have something for you!

  18. This sounds really good. We're moving into comfort food season. Yay!

  19. I have already made pot roast, pumpkin pies and cookies. Although I live in Las Vegas and the air condtioning could have been turned on the last two days (I refuse, it's fall for pete's sake!), I become so domestic. I miss the fireplace in my previous home. But, I'm headed to Oregon tomorrow for a couple days where I hear the temps are in the 30s - yay!