Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Letter

Are you reading this? You sneaky boy? I have a statcounter account you know. It took me a while to figure out it might be you... lurking here. Oh love in the new millennium. The ISP decoder ring.

Hey. You. Boy. I have something to tell you. Something to get off my chest. A heavy kind of thing. Heady too.

I love you.

And I don't care that you never read my work. It doesn't bother me that you seem completely unaware of the novels that I write and the hoops I jump through to get them noticed. No kidding. I don't care. Want to know why? Because you love me without all that. You love me before and after. You love me if so and if not. You love me without leaving.

Sure, we need a wife. I'm no good at that stuff. You know... the vacuuming, the laundry, the dishes, the gleaming floors. It doesn't work for me. My best effort is your worst nightmare.

And sure! we don't agree about money. I want to spend, you want to save. But hey! You win that battle all the time, and I'll have a terrific retirement (If I live as long as you) or at least a beautiful funeral (you wouldn't skimp on that, would you honey?)

So here's the point. I don't clean the way you would like. And I don't care about money the way you do. I spend time clackity clicking on a keyboard when you would rather I gain an overnight love of baseball. I'm crazy, you're super sane (which, by the way, is crazy too.) So what makes it work?

Seaglass on the beach
pots that I can't reach
tangles in my hair
we both like to swear
muddled family waters
three exquisite daughters
free casino tiles
frequent flyer miles
you're good at math
you make me laugh
you like to play
you stay


This is a re-post. And it wasn't him. But recently he told me he was reading my blog. But he's only read about the pain. I wanted to remind him of the endless love. ENDLESS.

I love you Bill.


  1. I'm a misty-eyed voyeur! Beautifully written.

  2. OK you win for sweetest post of the day, hands down. ;)

  3. Thanks for the smile :) Love the poem!!!

  4. This is so cute. Love the poem. My hubby reads mine too, but mine is just dribble compared to your writing. have a great weekend. Suz

  5. HI guys thanks for commenting on my little letter.

    Yeah. Poetry. I think I missed my calling. Perhaps a book of poetry for Nano write? ;)

  6. I'm actually listening to music from "Last of the Mohicans" right now. This fit beautifully.

  7. Oh, I love this. Your posts are gorgeous, Suzanne.

  8. Hire somebody to vacuum and polish floors while you both go find more seaglass on the beach. Another stunning flow of words, full of truth, my talented blogging friend.

  9. you are incredible
    this will become wallpaper in my bedroom.

  10. This may be one of the most beautiful love letters I've ever read.

  11. This is awesome, Suzanne. Both that you wrote it for him and that you found out that he reads it. Love is so much more than the sames--it's all about the differences and the sames coming together.
    So happy for you.

  12. I could have written this post myself. (Not quite as eloquently). So true for me and my hubby too.

  13. This was so, so beautiful. He's a lucky guy! I hope I find my lucky guy soon so I can write a letter like this!

  14. So so lovely, Suzanne. You're both lucky!
    I was 46 before I found my guy after several wrong choices. Blessings to you both. And so glad I found your blog. I just love coming over here. You are a gift!

  15. I'm smiling the biggest smile!!

  16. That was a lovely post... and a beautiful poem!


  17. love is in the air...what a great post.

  18. Oh wow Suzanne. Loved the poem. Seaglass on the beach... love that.
    It is all the little things that bind us together isn't it.
    Truly beautiful writing. :)

  19. WOW, I love this post! I especially liked the poem. It reminded me of "Anyone but You", the theme song for Juno and one of my favorite songs of all time. So romantic and quirky and perfect.

  20. So beautifully perfect.

    It's nice to see a love letter between another imperfect pair... and the husband and I have talked about getting an extra wife for the house too.

  21. A sweet love letter, an uplifting entry of genuine appreciation. Opposites do attract....perfection in imperfection.

  22. I don't even know him, but I can tell you guys are one of the best couples ever.My husband is a funny, penny pinching, baseball loving, mathematician and I love him madly - and vice versa - even though I'm a crappy "housewife" - it amazes me everyday. You express these feelings so well for me - now I don't have to!

  23. That's the most beautiful love letter I think I have ever read...sigh....

    BTW I'm a crappy housewife too ("Oh, we're supposed clean the tubs more than once a year?") ;->


  24. ... you stay.


    That was poignant, Suzy.


  25. Funny, I'd never have put you down as not good at cleaning. But I admire that, and I love the way you portray the intimacy and affection and love for him.

  26. First surprising, then lovely!