Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Winners!

Here we go! Some good reads for the weekend. Winners, feel free to take the image!

Winner of Best Read: Forget Makeup Because it was a great story!

Runners up: Mocking Bird Because the pictures filled me with joy.

And: The Respectability of Online Fiction Journals Because the links were important.

Good job all! Please do stop in if you can and leave a comment. Have a great weekend everyone!

PS. Um... thanks for the comments on yesterday's post. I was taken aback, a bit. Humbled that you all enjoyed my little poem (can we call that a poem?) You delighted me. Really. Thanks!


  1. This is a great service you're offering. Thanks. Now, I'll click my way to your links.

  2. I shall visit them all..thanks Suz!

  3. My sincere thanks for the link, good lady. I'm glad you found my link-heavy post worthwhile!

    Nice Klimt image, too...