Friday, November 6, 2009

And so it goes... and so it goes

The warm light of bloggy love is all around us.

Lisa and Laura are having a Kindle Giveaway in celebration of their book deal.

Corey has great publishing news on her site!

Suzette Saxton of Query Tracker Fame signed with agent Brenden Deneen. (Both favorites and in my opinion a perfect pairing.)

Great bloggy friend Andrea got her publishing contracts in the mail!

I (ME!) am holding a contest... two posts down people, two posts down.

And, in other me news, the fall has brought on an unexpected wave of internal gratitude for my life, love and hobbies. I am one Lucky Woman. I'm tap dancing people. Tap dancing.

If you have good news, lay it on me! Tell me about the little and the big things that are going on right now that buzz with warm fuzzies!

*for a doom and gloom gal, this is a pretty upbeat post. I am very proud of myself*


  1. Such great news! I keep thinking that if I keep rubbing shoulders with all these people, it will rub off on me! Still waiting for that to happen. :)

  2. Hoorah for good vibes. I sense good things coming your way Ms. Suzanne.

  3. I'm tap dancing right with ya.

  4. Thanks Suzanne! (proud of you too :)

  5. two?


    what am i?!

    dont answer that.
    i dont want the whole blogosphere to know.

  6. I love great news!!! I try to find something to be upbeat about each day. Today my happy is: pot roast in the crock pot. A nice breeze and it is under 90 degrees...finally!!!
    Happy weekend!

  7. hooray for bloggy love. I am so excited for all of the great news floating around out has to be catching,right?????

  8. Awesome of you to spread good news around. Tap dancing - sounds fun. Haven't tap danced since I was a kid.

  9. Well, aren't you happy today? I love it.

  10. You probably already saw this on Facebook--I'll be turning my book, Bastard Husband; A Love Story, into a one-woman show in mid-January. Just a stone's throw from the Las Vegas Strip! You never know the twists and turns life will put you through, but it's all good!

  11. A good news day is a great idea. I'm feeling good and both my daughters and their children are over the H1N1 flu with minimal disruption to their lives.

    I call that good news, even though it's more like the absence of bad news.

    Maybe I won the lottery last night. If I did I'll let you know.

  12. My good news? I wrote my first ever short story (well, since I was a kid) for your contest. I can't thank you enough Suzy, for getting me going!

  13. Just got back from a writer's retreat. It was awesome!

  14. LOL- love the anti doom and gloom post. Congrats to all those writers :)

  15. This is wonderful, Suzanne! Always good to share the love.
    Good news for me? I had a wonderful weekend with a friend and got some writing in to boot.

  16. Just catching up on blogs and was so surprised to find my name on yours! Thank you so much, Suzy, for spreading the joy.