Monday, February 1, 2010

A bag full of lemons

Okay, so I want to share a few things with you, and then tell you a little story (you know how I love telling stories.)

I found out last week that my stable 9-5 job is over as of June 30th. Glean from this what you will, but don't send any care packages. I'm doing fine. I teach and I have some really interesting opportunities... and Bill has a fantastic job, so we'll be okay, but the whole thing's really turned me upside down and inside out and I've just gotten used to my sea legs.

Meanwhile I'm still in agent mode for my current novel "The Junk Garden" and though I'm lucky enough to have agents interested, the wait is excruciating.

At the same time I pushed my WIP aside in order to write a short story to enter into a contest... and guess what? 15 k later I'm feeling the first draft of a NEW novel inching towards me. The story simply wrote itself and it's so anxious to get out. Thus the sporadic blogging. When I open the Mac, I'm immersed in a new ghostly mystery. I'm Alice in Wonderland all over again.

Okay, that's the share. Now the story.

This week while we were grocery shopping I noticed a bag of lemons on sale. I picked up the mesh bag and my seven year old, Tess.. said "Who would buy a bag of lemons?"

"We would." I said as I threw them in the carriage.
"What will we use them for?"
"I don't know, we'll figure something out... they're on sale."

We went on with our shopping. When we got in line there was quite a wait. My husband is a chef and he can't abide the prices of food as he buys it all wholesale, so I'm asked to go to off price stores, (now more than ever!) and those lines are the worst. BUT, I have to say, it's usually a blast trying to make the time go by for my kids. Everything is an adventure...

This time, I picked up the bag of lemons. On sale because they were all ripe the bag smelled beautiful.

"Close your eyes," I said to Tess. She closed her eyes. I held the bag of lemons up to her nose.
"Smell... pretend you're in a lemon grove."

She opened her eyes and asked, "What do lemon trees look like?"

"What do you want them to look like?" I whispered.....

"Well, there are hundreds of them everywhere I can see and each one is filled with lemons."

Grace (the four year old budding novelist) said "And don't forget the lemon fairies!"

And there we were, in the line and all the way home, weaving stories about what happened in the magic lemon grove.

A lemonade end to a very lemony week. I wish all of you a bag of ripe lemons.



  1. Lemons made my jaw muscles tense....

  2. Thanks Glen, I know how you feel about this enconomy! XO

  3. awesome story :) and you are such a fun mom - I'd be tearing my hair out and bribing my kids with anything I could think of if they'd just behave for a few more minutes :) Maybe next time we'll pick up a bag of lemons and see what comes of it ;-)

    Wishing you luck and lemonade :)

  4. My kids will eat lemon slices, for fun. This is strange, but what else would I expect of my progeny?

  5. Lemon fairies! I can actually see them in my mind's eye!

  6. Lemon fairies sound like my kind of fairies! What darling girls! I'm sorry for the upheaval but thrilled to hear about your new WIP!

  7. With lemon fairies and bargain lemons you've got it made. Two of my favorite things to do with lemons: A bundt cake drenched in syrup made of lemons and sugar. Crepes sprinkled with brown sugar and fresh lemon juice.
    And I love you adventuring into a new story. I'd say the magic has found you.

  8. the scent ? i'll take.
    the bag? i wouldnt know what to do with them.

  9. Now, that's just a great story. I'm searching for my bag of lemons now.

  10. So sorry about the 9-5 job. I hope all works out in the job area.

    We all need a bag of yummy lemons. They're bright, clean, and smell delish.

  11. Loved the lemons and the lemon fairies. Everything and anything is possible to the child mind. Such sweethearts!

    Good luck with the new project!

  12. Love hearing about your shopping trip and anyone with a wonderful attitude as you have will have no problem doing whatever your heart desires....I wish you much good luck in whatever you decide to do.....oh and your children are blessed with a wonderful mom who makes lemonade out of lemons.....:-) Hugs

  13. Glad your stories are flowing, sorry about your lost job.

    I love the visual and the sensory feelings from reading this post.

    Strangely, I'm craving lemonade about now...

  14. Matters of consequence: Lemon scent, lemon fairies, lemon groves, sharing magical moments of imagination with your children. You are incredibly wealthy. Beautiful post.

  15. I love the smell of lemons! :) How wonderful that you're sharing the gift of imagination with your children. I hope to do the same for my kids one day.

  16. I can smell those lemons now! Thanks for sharing, Suze, and I hope the lemonade helps you get your sea legs back. ;)

  17. Oh, Suzy! Sorry for your lemony news. I hope you grab a great agent and replace your teaching income with writing income. *hugs!

  18. Those little girls are so lucky to have you for a mommy. I love this story.

  19. The news may be sour but your lemon story was sure sweet. You have received the opportunity to make the provervial lemonaide...sounds like you are already squeezing.

  20. Lemon fairies! Oh! I want some of those to move in to our new house :)

    A full bag of lemon to you too :)

    Sorry to hear about the job. New adventures opening, hey?

  21. I can smell those lemons. I'm new to your blog, looking forward to bookmarking it and reading more!

  22. They are good for the imagination.