Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making you do some work


Though all of you were nice to me about my last, crazy, overwhelming and (charming?) website... I grew to think maybe.... just maybe I needed to go a little more professional.

So, here it is you guys: Suzanne Hayze: Author

Now... I just need to figure out how to use that favicon thingie. Oh well. I know this one isn't purple... but I'm going with the serious thing... come with me? Let me know what you think. OH! And I linked back to all my author friends who I know are writing novels and are somewhere in the publication process from searching for an agent --- to published books. If you want to be on my link list just let me know.

AND: can you all do me a favor? I need to enter an essay into a contest. I figure I'll take a blog entry and rework it... anyone want to tell me a favorite post? If you have a chance... go back and let me know the one you think was the winningest. That should be a word, winningest. Okay....

Best and Thank you so much for all your continued support and comments. You'll never know....

XO s


  1. Oh I love this web site; it's so beautiful!

  2. One of your most evocative pieces was one with the little girl on the stairs with the "movie star" mom. I loved that one.

    Very professional and still lots of you! I like it!

  3. The artwork you selected is a great fit. I like the site.

  4. Love it Suzanne! It seems very you. That's a good thing. Junk Garden is a s good as I remember, with some tweaks, no? As for the post I like best, remember the one you did about carnivals? YOu and your hubbie took the girls to one and you were remembering the first carnivals you went to... I loved that one. I also liked the one about your grandma who told you not to leave your oldest daughter out now that you had a new baby. There are heaps I love. Those two stick out in my mind without having to look back through your posts. :) All the best with that essay!

  5. There are too many to pick, but I particularly liked Solitude After Fifty-two years, and No Crying on Christmas(or anything about your grandmother!), I guess because they spoke to something that has to do with my age group. I'll look forward to seeing what you go with!

  6. I haven't clicked on your new site yet, but as for stories, I liked "The Broom"

  7. Oh, yeah! The website is looking great. The art really speaks to your brand of writing and the blurbs have the right amount of info and voice. Excellent.
    As for posts, that's tough. As I read the other comments, I recognized each of the suggestions, which means each was memorable. You couldn't go wrong choosing any of those that seem right for the contest.

  8. I had decided on "Co-winners". Liza listed one that I picked. "The Broom" rang the bell for me, but "Crazy Making" may have split the shell, Suzanne(h)

  9. Re: Website... It's nice. It's shiny. I need one too. But maybe a bit different from yours. Don't want to look like I'm copying... :)

  10. OMG, favorite post? WHAT are you trying to do to me? You know I have lots of favorites! But give me a second.....

    Okay, so favorites include (but are not limited to):
    - Papa was a big man
    - Solitude after Fifty Two Years
    - In the garden with ghosts
    - To Flee
    - Sea Me
    - And she was

    Yeah, those are quiet a few. Good luck with the essay contest!

  11. NICE site Mrs Hayze! Love it! My favorite post are - The Broom and Solitude After Fifty Two Years! :o)

  12. I love the simple, black and white beauty of it. Gorgeous. :)

  13. Nice and captivating.

    How ya doing? Happy St. Valentine's and Mardi Gras!

  14. Papa was a big man is my favourite.

  15. so do we ever get to know which you YOU will use? :), Suzanne(h)

  16. Very professional and still lots of you! I like it!

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