Saturday, April 17, 2010

For Amanda Bonilla

What a crazy ride Mandy, right? Last year I was sitting here all alone with a novel in my lap and no idea what to do with it.

I searched the web for answers... got a few.. and then found you.

All the way from Ohadi, a strange place I've never been, you read my words and told me that you loved them. You said they were good words and that I wasn't a crazy person and I believed you.

You let me read your work. It was a brave thing to do. We both knew it was time for a new story. And in a tent by a lake you wove a stellar tale.

We screamed over twittering agents. We laughed over bad query letters and funny rejections.

Soon we spoke of families and work and lives that gave us strength while standing in the way.

And now? We're in the home stretch. You have an agent. I have... um.... whatever it is I have. (What is that again?) ;) and dreams are coming true and poking through all over the place just in time for spring.

Thank you for everything.

Dear Readers:

My critique partner Amanda Bonilla and the best friend I never met is now represented by Natanya Wheeler of Nancy Yost Literary. Her novel will get published and optioned and she will be famous, so you should go to her blog and follow her.




  1. Congratulations, Amanada! (I saw the announcement on FB too!) And what a beautiful tribute this is, Suzanne. I agree with Amanda. Your words are lovely and worth it. =]

    Congrats again to Amanda!

  2. Awww! Thank you! *sniff* I--just--love--you! YOU are going to be famous and optioned and movied and MORE! And we'll look back on this... TWO years this June and say... Wow.

  3. Congrats to Amanda! And lovely post that says a lot about both of you extraordinary ladies.

  4. Yay for Amanda! And what a beautiful post. :D

  5. How cool! In on the ground floor!



  6. Oh, so dreams do come true.

    I'll hang in there, then.

  7. What a wonderful post! Congrats, Amanda!

  8. Congratulations, Amanda. And you, Suzy... the way you write, you won't be far behind her. Keep the faith.

  9. Oh, I love this. What a beautiful post. Headed over to check out Amanda!

  10. You both deserve Congrats.. so Congrats,,,:)

  11. Congratulations Amanda. Your next Suzy.

  12. Congratulations to Amanda. How wonderful you found such a friend and writing supporter via blogging. Congratulations to you!!! And you both of you will soon be published and famous. I am betting on that.

  13. Congrats to Amanda! And with your beautiful, soul-swimming writing, I think you aren't far behind her. :)