Saturday, April 3, 2010


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Seeping through sheer curtains the sun pooled in a certain spot where the ceiling met the floor. Too big to crawl, (big girls don't crawl) I crawled anyway and found the warm light. I curled up like a cat and kept very still. No movement to disrupt the weak rays.

She'd sleep for hours. He was gone far away on a ship in the deep blue sea.

In the quiet, dusty corner I was everywhere. On the deck with him. A mermaid in a lagoon. A princess in India dancing in the sun. Cleopatra on the Nile.

I'd stay until the earth shifted and perhaps it was my foot or the top of my head, either way some part of me was tainted by shadow and the light spell was broken.

Grown now, I am a creature who prefers the dark. Dark spaces, shadows, rainy days. I'm surprised by the memory of quiet mornings and light shaft moments. I wonder who I could have been if six had not turned into seven.

In the church where I've found my own peace, it is the season of light. I'm trying to embrace it.

I wish I lived in a lighthouse. A lighthouse keeper, or his wife? Which story would be better? Or their daughter? The one who died. Yes. That's it. The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter. A ghost story. OR maybe I'm the lighthouse itself. Sending out rays into the shadows.

Happy light season for all of you who celebrate.



  1. "I wonder who I could have been if six had not turned into seven."

    I have always loved your turns of phrase.

  2. You say some of the most beautiful things.

    "Or their daughter? The one who died. Yes. That's it. The Lighthouse Keepers Daughter. A ghost story." You say so much with so little. :)

  3. who is the ghost? reckon? :)

  4. I'm glad you've found your own peace. Happy Easter.

  5. An early dream for me too, to be in a light house, the keeper, or maybe the son.

  6. Oh,..I 2nd Mr. Larter. EXCELLENT phrase!

  7. Lighthouse keeper for sure. He'd see everything, right?

  8. oh what a wonderful idea! Please write it soon I would love to read your story... A ghost story wow!

  9. New follower here. I'm so grateful I came across your blog. You write beautifully. It's so inspirational and I hope that I can one day find my own voice and be as gentle and fluid as you seem to be.

  10. You ARE the lighthouse, a beacon in blog land. Thank you for sharing your lovely words as always.

  11. I also appreciate the vivid imagery in this story...sending out rays into the shadows.