Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain and such

Photo credit: bella_domanie from morguefile.com

I've always loved the rain. Dreary landscapes and moldering, mossy earth.
I wonder why? It isn't that I don't respect the sunshine on my face, or blue skies, or a soft wind through hazy green leaves.

I simply prefer the gloom.

I write better when it rains. I feel contained and wild all at the same time. My nose presses against the window to see the doomed raindrop rivers pool together on the sill. The landscape goes all impressionistic.

See, I'm wasting it.

Off to write.


*notes: I'm deep in a project so I've been posting and commenting less. Thanks for sticking with me. AND my one sentence experiment was a hit. Next time I'll make a sentence string and we'll write a story together.*


  1. I love the picture!

    I confess, I'm more of a 'likes-to-read' when it rains kindof gal. But writing is a good second. ;)

  2. rain makes the seeds grow,, dont they?

  3. As long as you're inside and cozy, I agree... Rain is great. Being stuck working outside in it is a different story. : j
    Congrats for deep sea diving into your project!

  4. Visually I fell into this picture and hung on the delicate strands of spider web. I could almost feel the moist wet raindrops burst at my touch.

    Dreary weather is my favorite time to write as well. It's like a comfortable indian blanket thrown across your lap. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Glad you are writing away!

  6. That photo is spectacular!! I love the rain, too, but it makes me feel lazy. :-)

  7. I love the rain too. It's wonderful. I hoepe you get tons of writing done! =)

  8. I looove rain because I know it'll be a good writing day.

    Beautiful photo!

  9. Ooo, I love rain too - which is a good thing, since I live in Seattle. ;)

  10. I love that picture too. (I should browse morguefile more often, they have some wonderful photos there!)

    You can have the rain...I'll take the sunshine. Rain makes me feel cornered and constrained.

  11. Beautiful picture. We've had a hell of a rainy spring, and I love it. Works so well for my writing mood. See? Even now, it's all doomy and gloomy outside.

  12. Today in Cyprus we celebrate, water. It rained, that is a blessing for the island. In the UK, I hated the rain. The cold, grey days. Here, I understand its value, and know the sun is around the corner.

    Enjoy your rainy, writing time. :)