Monday, June 14, 2010

I Guess I'll See You Next Lifetime

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There was something in the way the light reflected off the jukebox. It burned his profile into my mind, a barbaric tattoo. His mouth would burn me later.

I felt him behind me before he spoke. The air was always like that between us. And even though I lived in a happy place, the temptation toward crazy made me turn around and remember him.

God, sometimes a person just fits. The way he smelled, the shape of him. The curve of his smile. I was dizzy with the flood of who we'd been just a few years (millions and millions) ago.

Running through damp summer nights. Wild laughter and cold beer. Holding on tight, letting go, trying to find our way back to each other over and over again.

By the time we grew up and could have made it work, we were, well, grown up and couldn't make it work.

But for that moment, at the jukebox, he took a small step forward and pressed against me. And the chaste kiss of two friends meeting after a long absence smelled more like what it really was.

"I guess I'll see you next lifetime." Erykah Badu


  1. Whew! I could use a cigarette right now!

  2. I agree w/ Rochelle... where is that hubby of mine ;)?

  3. Oh, please rub some of your writing mojo on me! That was extraordinary!

    And I have been that girl.

  4. Oh my. That's a lot of sizzle for so few words.

    Nicely done, good lady!

  5. Oh Suze, you know I love your writing, right. So good. So very very good.

  6. Joann Mannix told me about you. She was right! I am very envious of the way the two of you have with words. I want MORE!

  7. Quality is better than quantity..................................................................                           

  8. Great writing, and I like the accompanying pic.