Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventure Mama Always

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"You are always already trapped..." ~Michel Foucault

Unless it's the end of something that seems endless, comfort is hard to find. Happy is a place that exists for those who understand some deep truth inside themselves.

The rest of us go on vacation and reach for the relax button. Sometimes, when the planets align, the button works.

I'm going on an adventure. I'll twist and turn in the dark alleyways of my mind while the family splashes on shores with real sand. My sand tells time.

I'll smile and nod and say yessssss to the most delightfully inappropriate things. I'm in two worlds at once.

Can you tell which one I wake inside of?

XO s


  1. yes,, but dont forget the bread crumbs..

  2. I am really good at saying yessss to inappropriate things too.

  3. I have given you an award at my site!

  4. "My sand tells time."

    That is just... perfect. Awesomeness.