Friday, July 23, 2010

On 39

This is the last summer of my thirties. There are a few things, changes, notes, meanderings I'd like to share.

I thought I'd have that elusive thing called time when I stopped the 9-5 thing. Funny.

My blogging has changed. It had to. I use this forum to think out loud. To escape. To try out pieces of prose. I'm delighted to read your comments. I love you. Really. But I can't keep up with you! So I lurk and comment when necessary. Please forgive me. Do you like the blog face lift? Let me know. I'm a writer, I can handle it. Leather skin we have, we writers.

I'm working hard on my novel. With amazing notes from my incredible agent I'm making it the novel it deserves to be. My kids and husband are suffering from these edits... but guess what? In this, the summer of my thirty ninth year, I DON'T CARE. Go chase your own peace, family. I've found mine and I'm flying in the clouds. Catch my tale or be left behind. (Incorrect use of TALE put there on purpose.)

My grandmother Suzy (yep, I'm named for her) died when she was thirty nine.

And in a way, an odd and beautiful sort of way-- I did too.

Carry on.



  1. Love the new layout! Go after what you want! Enjoy!

  2. Oh... Mandy. You know... girl... you know.

  3. 39 is a lovely time to use the confidence to do what you have to, for you. I look forward to reading your book someday soon, and will celebrate you.

  4. Liza, I just cried a little. Thank you for the support that came right through the screen.

  5. ms. Suzyhayze,
    Go full head at it.. full steam. go at it,,Don't worry about the numbers they will be kind to you. Time will not wait. You hold the key in your hand,,

  6. Love, Love, Love--everything!

    And I'll be forty in one week...

  7. Smiles. 39 sounds and looks wonderous through your words. At 38 I learned to stop the cycle of abuse I was a prisoner to. From then on in, it's been a wonderous discovery of me. That newfound freedom helped me learn to step out of the box when I became deaf at 40. Five years later...I applaud your 39 and my 45. We never looked better. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. P.S. Simply adore your background. (Hugs)Indy

  9. Four thumbs up! Write on! Right on!

  10. I remember was a good year. But, you know what? they just keep getting better.

  11. "Go chase your own peace, family."
    You put such beautiful words on everything, Suzanne.
    Without knowing how to say it, this is what I did this summer too!
    But I'm 52, not 39!
    So I say, good for you, reach up for the stars, cos they won't reach down for you.
    And I like the new look to your blog, funny your ref to leather skin, with a leather couch in your picture! That's probably deliberate too!

  12. I know what you mean about keeping up with all your blogging buddies--it's so hard. Like Mimi, I'm 52. Where does the time go?

    LOVE your new layout! And you know I'd tell you if I didn't. Remember when you had the boring one? Ha!

    Good luck with everything, Suzanne! XOXO

  13. We all go through so many changes in life that it does feel like dying and being reborn. You're doing everything you can to live life as it should be lived and that's what counts. Good wishes on the revisions!

  14. No worries about not keeping up! I understand how real life can take over. I love the end of this post. It's beautiful. I wish you the best on your birthday! Wiser, wiser. :)

    I like the new blog look, too. :)