Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things I really enjoy

Besides the obvious, here are some random things I enjoy.

Toast. I love toast.

Jam. Not Jelly. JAM. Any kind of jam. Even savory jam.

Sleeping with the windows open during a rainstorm. I don't care if the sills get wet. Or the books. Or the alarm clock.

4pm sunlight. No matter what season.

The smell of low tide.

Dressing up for a big event. (I know this is contrary to my I HATE HYGIENE post.. but whatever.)

Watching my husband do ordinary things. Especially talking to strangers like car rental agents or airline ticket people.

Junking. Browsing for hours in junk shops really turns me on.

Christmas. I'm not lying. It doesn't stress me out. I love Christmastime. From November onward.

Swimming in secluded spots. Yes they still exist.

Being alone. Not lonely. (I've felt more alone with scads of people than by myself)

This blog and you.

OH. And bleached, white, cotton linens. And vicks vapor rub, and wolf spiders, and moon jellyfish.



  1. Great list. Late afternoon sunlight is always a winner in my book as well.


    I love bats. I guess I'm not one to talk.

  3. I love it when I actually sleep all the way through the night without waking up once.

    Vicks vapor rub? really?


  4. Yes, the late afternoon sunlight, especially how it dances on the water as we come into the harbor from a Saturday sail.

    Oh, and today? Hummingbirds.

  5. A very good list.... I enjoy most of the same things. Thanks

  6. I like the sound of wind through pine trees. I love kissing my son's apple pie cheeks, especially first thing n the morning when he is still sleepy. I like running early in the morning and watching the sun come up to the sound of my breath and pounding feet. I love ice-cream, any kind. All kinds!
    And I like your blog. Miss ya.
    X Tab

  7. Seeing a creature bustling along in a field or yard when I'm driving past. Fresh ground coffee. Standing in a bookstore.

  8. I love your list. Could be my list except for your husband and the spiders. Not that I have anything against your husband, I just think my list should mention my husband and not yours on it.

  9. oooh love this post, and I'm stealing your idea...just sayin'. Gonna do one similar.

    Love jam too! SOOO much better than jelly. But even better is apple butter.

    Love those very rare SETexas days that are cool with no humidity. We usually only get one...somewhere around October.

    Love big thunderstorms.

    Love the smell of bookstores and libraries.

    Love watching lizards play on my kitchen window.

  10. I also love the holidays. Bring it on!

  11. What a great list! I'm totally with you on jam not jelly and the smell of low tide. Mmm. I've missed the ocean this summer!

  12. I also adore toast and late afternoon sunlight. :)

  13. I love people who are willing to put someone else first for a little while ~ like you did for me today.

    I love the rumbling sound of thunder, it's wild booms and the smell of rain in the air.

    I love ... too many things to list. :)

    Thanks again, so much for today Suzy!

  14. I LOVE this post, Suzanne. It's so nice to think about the things that make you happy. Things I love most in life include
    - going out for brunch
    - summer! Everything about it - the heat, the beach, the sunscreen, the pool, the lack of having to worry about hats and mittens and coats - all of it
    - eating outdoors
    - smelling Katie's hair after a bath
    - giant snow storms
    - drinking a huge glass of red wine in front of a roaring fire (preferably during a giant snow storm)
    - Christmas - i'm right there with ya!
    - reading a good book for hours
    - watching Lifetime movies for hours
    - being alone in my house - a rare but amazing gift when it happens

  15. Low Tide! I grew up on the Ocean... lived in the Mountains for a few years and would try to describe the smell of Low Tide. Sort of foul, but not unpleasant. Always loved low tide.