Friday, September 17, 2010

Bare Feet

"Take off your shoes," said my dad before he took me to the end of the long rock pier, the one my mama never let me explore.

"She's too little!" Mama protested.

Dad shook his head and smiled. He threw me up in the air and I remember landing miraculously on his broad, tanned shoulders. He was a magic man.

Mama was very far away, down the sandy end of the beach. We were all alone except for the rocks and the barnacles and the endless tide pools.

"You go first, make sure you feel the rocks with your feet," he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Your feet know what to do if you listen. Place them carefully. If it's smooth or slippery, place them on another rock. "

We walked the length of the pier in silence. I didn't stumble once. I concentrated on where I put each, small, bare foot.

I think he said "Good job..." or at least I'd like to remember it that way. We were standing in the middle of the ocean with the tide closing in behind us. "Better head back..." he said.

And I wanted to say No... please. Let's stay here you and I where the ocean meets the sky. I'd rather be swallowed up with you than let you slip away from me.

How I loved my father.




  1. Daddies always have a different kind of magic than moms do. Love this, Suze!

  2. goodness, Ms Suzyhayze,just goodness,,,,

  3. So hard when for whatever reason, fathers go missing.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    Makes my heart miss what i never had.

  5. This makes me long for moments like this. How beautiful your soul is.

  6. Magic Suze. I wrote on sky and sea today too. Funny that. Beautiful writing. I love the way your dad told you that your feet knew what to do. How true is that in our lives? If we are careful with our treading, our feet do indeed know where and how to walk.

  7. I loved how you took us with you over the rocks. I remember similar moments with my dad, and grandparent I was very close too. Thank you for a wonderful remembrance.

  8. What a beautiful memory. I could see it, I could feel and I could taste the sea air.

  9. How beautiful. I could see the little girl and her daddy by the place where sea meets sky. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Beautiful!

    Your feet know what to do if you listen. Place them carefully.

    Words to live by, really.

  11. Tears are here. Tears and memories.