Friday, September 10, 2010

If I were a carpenter......

Sometimes I can't help but look across the time warped sky and peer into that alternate life. The one I chose not to have.

The one floor bungalow with Indian bedspreads all twisted up on unmade beds on the floors. Some amazing vegan dinner from the night before still waiting to be cleaned up from the old fashioned kitchen.

There are plants all over the place. And there's a big dog.

I have a few kids and I write a lot. I'm not married, but my long time "Old Man" who is also the father of my children comes and goes like a steady rain. When he's around we fall in love all over again. He plays guitar and doesn't know how to wash his own clothes. His hair is always dirty. I love him.

When he's gone the kids and I are free to be ourselves. We dance a lot. There's no TV. They are ALWAYS late for school. I don't have a savings account. I'm very irresponsible.

I paint houses, interiors mostly. Someday my writing will get published, but until then I kind of like being inside other peoples homes, a peeping tom. I get story ideas all the time from them.

I always have paint in my hair.
My children call me by my first name. They have names like Voodoo, and Justice, and Moonflower.

I drink a little too much.


Back on this side of reality, I have to go clean the bathroom. Again.



  1. It is fun to go wandering sometimes. There were once so many options.

  2. the wondrment of imagination, my old friend,, both

  3. You can *always* drink a little too much. ;)

  4. It was bliss to step outside of "responsible life" with you for a few minutes.
    Enjoyed the idea of naming the child Voodoo!

  5. :-) I like how you think. I would like that to be one of my alternate lives, I think...


  6. I have all these other me's, all these other lives. Someday,....

  7. You've made me wonder what I would be in an alternative life...thank you for sharing your imagination.

  8. Very imaginative. Maybe you can find ways to bring some of that rustic feel and freedom to your life?

  9. Lovely post, and bonus double points for the Johnny Cash reference!

  10. Don't you just hate the bathroom cleaning! I often slip away into one of my alternate lives. I mentally pack a suitcase and off I go.

  11. Voodoo, and Justice, and Moonflower. You make me smile.

  12. I think we are soul sisters. Only you have more courage than I did. I went the route of a straight job (well not that straight, I work in mental hospitals and jails), and my children got to school on time because I was scared sh*tless of the nuns. But we come to a similar place. Someday we will read each others' books.

  13. Love your writing especially about the girls-really brings tears to my eyes