Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer 2010

The ocean marked us this year with ink more permanent than all the others put together. The sun was bright on the east coast. Even the rainy days seemed to weep salt.

My little girls defined themselves. My oldest pierced her nose. My middle tantrumed her way across night fields only to find herself surrounded by fireflies. She decided she was a firefly and it tamed her, somehow. The baby's hair grew long and for the first time in her whole four years she felt the wind blow through it. I felt the wind in my hair too. I'd forgotten how it felt.

My marriage broke apart and then came back together with a stronger glue and stranger love. We decided, he and I, that peculiar suits us more than normal. We're breathing pink again.

I didn't write. I crocheted and swam and cooked. I noticed the world I've created with my hands and my body.

But now? Summer is over. September is here and bright and cool.

And I'm back.



  1. Welcome back!
    And lovely compte-rendu of your summer you come back with too. : j

  2. Wind in my hair--this is why I hate hats. :D
    I was sorry to hear your marriage stumbled but so glad it found stronger footing. The line about noticing the world you created with your hands and body really touched me. Sometimes, those of us who live in our heads forget.

  3. What a good synopsis. The writing captured what was intended to be passed on, nothing more, nothing less, and left us wondering where I assume you wanted the wondering to be. Very good.

  4. Whenever you write here, you have such brilliant prose, they blow me away. Even with this short post, I'm awed. You're an incredible and poetic writer.

  5. Everyone needs stretches of time like this. I love the imagery of wind in your hair. Good luck this fall!

  6. "I noticed the world I created with my hands and my body" is a stunning line. And as one of your other commenters noted: you left us wondering about what you wanted us to wonder...nothing more. Good job. This post drills deep.

  7. Yay! It's so good to have you back. =D

  8. Welcome back, good lady. Lovely to see you again.

  9. Beautiful doesn't describe your retelling well enough.