Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recipe Saturday: A day late....

Chocolate and/or Broccoli and Cheese Croissants:

Get yet, oh lovely followers, to the grocery store and purchase pre-made croissant dough.

Figure out what kind of filling you like. Ideas:

Dark Chocolate (above)
Broccoli and cheese (also above)
Pie filling

You get the picture.

Then put the filling on the large end of the croissant triangle and .... roll them up!

Follow the directions on the package, but bake on a greased baking sheet or silipad if you are using cheese so when it oozes out (yum!) it doesn't stick.

ALSO: brush them with an egg yolk before you bake them so the SHINE.


Also pictured are little fruit tartlettes and baby pizza cups. Those recipes will come at a later date.

Have fun!

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