Thursday, December 30, 2010

If your feet are cold: wear wool socks

Happy New Year! 2011 is shaping up in an interesting fashion. If 2010 was a year of shift and settle, 2011 should be the year of rise and shine. Should being the operative term in that sentence.

So, as listmainia takes over the blogosphere I've decided to create one of my own. Common truths that are missed by those of us really busy people. Hopefully it makes you laugh. Or at least take a second to think about yourself. EVERYONE deserves some "me" time.

1. If you have to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom. Busy moms will understand this one. For too many years I've put off having to pee through seven stores, traffic jams, and cleaning marathons. Just pee. It only takes a second.

2. If your feet are cold, wear wool socks. They are really warm. Trust me. Why suffer from cold feet? **note the literal phrase "Cold Feet" here. I'm not talking about bravery. Just simple cold feet.

3. If you are hungry, eat! For god's sake! Eat. And included in this is if you are thirsty, DRINK. (water, not martinis. That's another list entirely)

4. If you like it, buy it--smell it--take a bath in it--do it--experience it--revel in it. Whatever it is. If you like something, let it know. Example: I like roses. I have two bushes. I have other plants I don't really care for. You know what? I'm pulling those suckers out and planting more roses. YAY!!!!!!!

5. If the kids want one more story, read it to them.

6. If you are tired, go to sleep.

7. If it hurts you, don't do it.

8. Avoid antibiotics if you don't need them. (And you don't need them unless you are on deaths door)

9. When you go to bed ask yourself this "Did I harm anything or anyone including myself today?"

If the answer is YES: Fix it in the morning.

If the answer is NO: sleep well.

10. End lists where they naturally end. Don't wait until an even number like, say, 10.

Merry Holidays and Festive New Year, Happy to one and all.




  1. happy holidaz and a good "list" year to ya, Ms. Extraordinary,,,

  2. I've got my woolies on! I love the one about if you did harm, fix it in the morning, and if not, sleep well. Sage advice. Happy rise and shine to you!

  3. LOL at No 10!
    Guilty at No 1, and 3, and certainly agree with no 8.
    Yay for rose bushes, I love em too! My garden rule is it has to either look good, smell good or be edible, otherwise it's gone. So yes, make 2011 the year of roses!
    And hope it's a really wonderful, fun one for you and your family!

  4. What if you drink martinis like they're water...? :)

    Merry belated Christmas, and Happy upcoming New Year, good lady. Cheers!

  5. Hold on. I gotta pee. Be right back to make a comment.

  6. NOW! That's better. This list is the kind that makes me wanna go, "Yeah! What she said!"
    Those are very simple and yet the best things one could put on a list.

  7. I laughed so hard when I saw your post title. A minor circulation problem had me begging for wool socks this year. Now, after Christmas, I have enough pairs to get through the week with warm tootsies! You are right though. Life is short. Plant more roses and keep your feet warm.

  8. Oh, and best wishes in 2011, Suzy.

  9. A great list. I like all, especially number nine. Have a wonderful New Year..