Saturday, January 22, 2011

My thoughts on E-Readers

I know. This is not the blog for practical things. (Excluding Recipe Saturday....) but I feel the NEED to express my love for my e-reader. And this is the closest thing I have to a mountain top.

Let's get a few things straight first. I love books. Hard cover, trade paperback, pocket... I love them. I love the pages and the binding. I love the covers and the smell. I'll NEVER stop buying books or going to brick and mortar bookstores.

It's my luxury. My perfect day. A bookstore, a credit card, and a coffee. That will NEVER change.

But here's the thing. I got a kindle for Christmas.

I bought four novels and read them. That's four on top of the four I bought at the actual bookstore. Four more than I would have bought because I don't go to the bookstore all the time. And about the experience... well... a good story takes you away. So I didn't know I was using an e reader at all!

So, I've bought MORE books. And that's a good thing.


  1. Great to know. My family is trying their best to get me to switch to a kindle.

    I love, love, love to read so much. My idea of inside happy is a day at the bookstore too.

    There are bookcases all over the house, crammed and jammed. . . and several stacks on my side of the bed. I am a sucker for books. Reading takes me to foreign countries, romantic islands, African safaris, inside the head of a detective or a criminal and all the way to the heart of God.

    You are convincing me that I should invest. My family will thank you later!

  2. This is me exactly. I know I spend MORE on books now than I ever did because of the ease and speed of reading on my iPad.

  3. MORE books is always good. I am all for someone buying me an e-reader. Someone? Anyone? :)

  4. I do think we will get to the point where books will no longer exist. It's sad now...but is any one missing their old records?

  5. whatever gets people to read more is always good.

    love your pretty sight over here.

  6. I adore the smell of books. The look of them, the feel ... &on&on.. Books are amazing!!

    But, I read a few friends' mss on my phone with both office and adobe and all I can say is, Wow!!

    One, you read faster, I swear...
    Two, it's sooo convenient.
    I have those two programs for unpubbed books, plus both the kindle and nook apps for my droid.

    I read more on my phone than I do tangible books. And if you could see my bookshelves, that would be hard to believe!!

    Also, I used to be vehemently against ebooks ... so if I can be swayed... :)

  7. I've always been a huge collector of hardbacks but I was given a Kindle for my birthday a couple of years ago and know I'll never go back to buying hard copies. Now, my bookshelves are uncluttered as I've donated most of my hardbacks to the library. And I, too, buy books constantly for my Kindle. BTW, go to and sign up for notices of free downloads!

  8. The Boss and 3 girls won't let their Kindles leave their sight. I like the real book, but i can see the change,, and to answer Liza,, i still have a stack of LP "records",, my player went Kaputt, but i am going to get another one. :)

  9. I'm reading more than ever before since I started ereading last year. I still have print books, but I speed through ebooks because of the better portability.

    And I really don't notice my Kindle, Blackberry, or iPod Touch. When the story captures my imagination, I forget I'm reading from a device.

  10. Me too! I'm buying books from small epresses now that I couldn't read before as reading on the computer hurts my eyes. So now I'm buying plenty more than I was before... and I love it!

  11. Well, now I am convinced. You? I can hardly believe it!
    I've been struggling with the whole idea of electronic reading lately. And. In my effort to "clean up my act" I have been moving books to the attic. I did this several years ago with my CDs (they are still in the basement - I still NEED them) and I before that it was my vinyl records. They are gone, but it is only sometimes that I long for them.
    Thanks Suz! Now I can justify the purchase of an iPhone!