Friday, January 7, 2011

Blue Diary Dreams

I'm so tired. The winter came on strong and reminded me that there's a long haul before the sun dapples down from green leaves again. I'm all of a sudden very, very, cold.

The writing world is strange and hard and complicated and simple. And sad.

I held Blue Diary, a signed copy, in my hand for three days and felt the pages and smelled the binding and cried at Hoffman's words. Her stories. The stories that line every good dress I own.

Will my book ever be in her hands? It's a not- so- secret dream of mine. For Alice Hoffman to read my words. The words she shaped in so many different ways. It's good to hold onto dreams.

And hard. They're slippery, and slivery, and sometimes they make calluses too.

Words words words. I love you.

XO s

Here: Read Blue Diary


  1. Yes,,i think they will...words in her hands.

  2. One of my favorite audiobooks (I like to listen when I'm falling asleep, like a little kid, I guess) is Hoffman's The Probable Future. I love the interplay of the lives of generations of women and the landscape and history of the place.

    I hope you feel warm soon.

  3. Oh yes, sometimes they make callouses. And sometimes it hurts so much while those callouses form. But when they do, we can dream so much more!

    ((Hugs to keep you warm!))

  4. I have this theory that when we put out into the atmosphere, blogosphere, universe. . . in words what we wish for, that is when we give our words power.

    I have a feeling you have just created wings for that dream of having Alice read your book!

    Let me know when it happens. Because it will!

  5. Take a deep breath and know that winter always ends...and spring brings new, clean things.

  6. Spring is on the horizon. Your words are beautiful. They always brighten my day.