Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodbye, Beautiful

She died this morning. This woman who looks like my mother. The woman who inspired so many of my characters. Lucy, Carmen, and now Naomi.

I'm sitting here, crying. Why? Because of what she represented to me. The glamor and glitz that may be out of my reach. The extraordinary love of life. The struggle behind the flawless face.

Goodbye Cleopatra.
Goodbye Maggie.
Goodbye Velvet.
Goodbye Liz.

Beautiful Liz, goodbye.



  1. I know you guys! The sky is raining down ice in desperate commiseration!

  2. This lady represented so many controversial personality types, from movies to real life.

    She inspired me to be the me I was made to be.
    She taught me to see through eyes of love.
    She will always be a legend.

    And somewhere in my mind, she will always be remembered as Cleopatra and the Largest Humanitarian in Hollywood who wasn't afraid to take a stand for a good cause.

    I love her and I always will.
    I can't bear to say good-bye. . . maybe, see you later.

    And Suzy, I am sure this loss has brought the grief of losing your mom, front and center, since she was the one who looked just like her.

  3. I thought of you when I heard the news. I wondered if she would be someone who inspired you. I was right :)
    Yes, she was fantastic. The skies will rain...

  4. She was so lovely and an inspiration. I'm so glad I love old movies and was able to see her talent at work for myself!

  5. I was so sad yesterday about her passing. Still am.