Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ebb and Flow

When I was seven years old my grandmother went on her yearly trip to Wherever. Only that particular year "Wherever" was Switzerland. I remember this because she didn't bring me back the usual gift. The "My grandparents went to _____ and all they got me was this lousy T-Shirt".
She brought me a music box.

It played a melody that made my seven year old heart ache. Edelweiss. I'd never heard the song before. And I don't think I saw The Sound of Music until later... (and was delighted to hear My Song!)

Because I never heard the song, I didn't know there were actual words to accompany the haunting melody. So I made some up.

Ebb and Flow, Ebb and flow
daddy I am your flower
soft and low, to and fro
come sailing back to your daughter.

Yes. Big words for a small girl. But I've always loved words. I read early and often. And my mother was a big fan of poetry.

Anyway, ebb and flow. I can't hear that song without singing my own version. And lately I've been thinking about the concept. In and out. Rushing and escaping.

Cycles. Moon tides. Seasons.

I'm figuring out ways to stay sane in a crazy time. An upside down sort of time. Lopsided in so many ways. My heart soars with my writing. My children are thriving. My home is beautiful and my heart feels gracious.

My love fell out of love with me. He doesn't know it. But it's true.

So I'm going to wait quietly in this ebb... wait until the cycle comes around and the tide comes in.

Ebb and flow.



  1. This post is beautiful beyond belief. I love you,girlfriend. Hang in there. You know I'm here if you need me.

  2. This is a wonderful post, for the story, then and story now…

  3. Ebb and flow, that's life, isn't it?
    Your writing is really beautiful, even when it's sad.

  4. Hauntingly Beautiful! All of it, the ebb and flow you share with us.

    "So I'm going to wait quietly in this ebb... wait until the cycle comes around and the tide comes in." I'll wait here with you...(Hugs)Indigo

  5. Ebbing and flowing is a smart way to live. I will stand on the shore and watch the tides with you anytime.

  6. That's a beautiful memory.

    I almost forgot about music boxes. I thought they were magical.

  7. A haunting and beautiful memory there Suzy. I, too, have a music box I cherish.

  8. Oh Ms. Suzyhazye,,goodness. I think perhaps the mood will change for the better..