Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Garden

This isn't a photo from the internet. It's a picture of one of the roses in my yard. Last year's roses, of course. It's still too early to see these beauties.

But soon.

Lately we've been enveloped in mist. Each day the clouds hang low and hover over all the green things beginning to peek out. More and more, second by second.

You can almost watch the leaves unfurl.

Summer is a magical time for my family. My garden is small but fruitful. We have all the perennials: asparagus and raspberries. Thyme, sage, lavender, oregano, mint, roses, echinacea, daisies, black eyed susans, phlox, bamboo, hydrangea, chicory, peony, strawberries, currents, hibiscus and hollyhock.

And soon we will plant our annuals: basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, impatients, begonias, ivy, marigolds, zinnia, parsley, morning glorys, moonflowers, and loads of beautiful wild nasturtium.

I can't wait to put my hands in the ground. Especially now that my book is on submission and my head is in the clouds.



  1. Beautiful post and a beautiful picture!

  2. Thank you Ivankuiken! We work hard at it... but it's so worth it. I can't wait for garden writing to begin... I do some good work out there in my head too!

  3. Garden therapy sounds like a wonderful thing to do while on submission :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful garden. We are coming into winter here is Australia so have just planted some winter vegies and some pansies, violas and sweet peas to blossom hopefully all the way through to our spring. Our roses are nearly at an end and will need pruning soon. My favourite frangipanis are still going strong due to the long summer we have had but I look forward to seeing their shapes when they loose all their leaves.