Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain, I don't mind.....

Here in the North East we had a misty, rainy morning. And the birds are returning. My eight year old daughter, Tess, ran outside with flushed cheeks and made me walk (with my eyes closed) around the side of the house to the place where the daffodils are blooming.

It's spring. And I can't help noticing that I must be doing something right with my own flowers... because they are able to appreciate the mourning doves, the loamy earth, and the impending bounty of blossoms.

Thank you universe. For your kind repetition and your patience as we groan through the end of each season forgetting that the journey is the gift.



  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the beauty of each day! :-)

  2. Those last lines said it all. Thanks for the reminder. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Amen. This is how I feel about the vagaries of nature. It's how we get to live on this planet in an even more wild universe.
    I love that your daughter took you out to see the flowers.

  4. Spring is here in the Midwest too! I have zero flowers and zero garden (thank goodness, otherwise that would be yet another thing to distract me from working on my WIP), but I am anxiously awaiting the blooming of my forsythia bushes!

    "Kind repetition." I love that--such a neat way to think of it.


  5. My 4 year-old son wanted so desperately to pick a flower yesterday. I let him pick a daffodil. It looks so lovely in the blue bud vase on our kitchen table.

  6. Mmm, the journey is indeed the gift,and those we meet along the way.
    Lovely post, somehow comforting.
    I'm listening to the night-time pitter patter of raindrops an ocean away from you! Comes from the same sky though!

  7. This is so true...we do seem to rush things on and not enjoy each moment.
    thanks for the reminder!

  8. And then the sun came out and I swear I saw a willow tree turn green. Really! Thanks for all the kind comments guys! It's been a long winter here....