Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother, satisfied.

I wonder about so many things. I'm still learning who I am and what I want out of life. I've narrowed (whittled is probably a more apt term here) a list of things that make me feel satisfied.

Swimming in the ocean.
Teaching kids who hate to learn. (The more damaged and scary the better)

And there's this other, perhaps insignificant thing. Being a mother. From left to right and top to bottom. From babyhood to teendom. I am satisfied with this job.

My daughters never disappoint me. And my life does not depend on who they become, only that they are.

Be happy, girls. Be light and curious. Rise to you lives. Redeem you peace coupons and double them. And know, no matter what happens or who you are or where you live or what paths your futures lead you down, I'll be there supporting you. Even if I disagree. Because you satisfy my soul and you've all earned my constant care.

To put it plainly: I'll never hinder you with my own expectations. I don't have to. You've already fulfilled every single one.



  1. Oh SO wonderful. Print this. Put it in their baby books. Nail it to the refrigerator. Keep it in your purse. I think I will too.

  2. This is the greatest gift of unconditional love you could have ever given your children! What a beautiful gift!

  3. Oh my, these words are so beautiful to read.
    A beautiful reminder that it's their lives, not ours, and it's our honour to support them.
    I'll keep it in my treasure box too, and thanks for posting it.