Saturday, June 18, 2011

Captain Pap and his amazing adventures at sea

Captain Pap

You lived
buried inside the why and the wait
and the late, late night moths stuck to porch lights
left on

And if you'd found your way
back, back
to me and to her
you'd find no hair on my head
just moths

Enough to fly me backwards
exploding out from little girl ears
and nostrils and sockets where eyes should be

Not to forget the mouth, wide open with your promises
too full of regret and rage for moths to light there
Sweet things come out instead

Your stories tattooed on my lips
choking down my throat
lotus and butterfly
mermaid and siren
Pirate and conch

Staring out at sea
You were it
and it was me.


  1. I love it when you wax poetic! :)

  2. Gut wrenching and leaves me speechless.

  3. I am sure i see it,,,ms. suzanne(ah)

  4. Holy crap. You're amazing. I love you and your writing.

  5. This is gorgeous... thank you for sharing!