Friday, July 22, 2011

Craft me a moon out of seaglass

Craft me a moon out of seaglass
teardrop, not round
and hold it cupped in your hands
your universe palms
your too good to be true mouth
speaking oceans of love in different languages.

Cast me a spell with stones
throw them out into the night garden
make them vine through my veins
take me deep into  a flower bed
love me with leisure in your arms.

And legs
and torso
and brow

Don't be timid now.
Craft me a moon made of seaglass.


  1. I always say I don't read poetry and then I come over here and read yours and think, WOW, I like poetry. ;)

    Have a great weekend, Suze!

  2. oh, such lovely images. just divine.

  3. Amanda: You are my biggest fan. I love you.

    Tere: I love it when you come over here!

    Samantha: Your novel. Rocks. I'm honored to see you're face here.

    Tess: I miss you. Thank you for coming by.

  4. I love this. I completely visualized the night with these two people.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful as always. The first line is delicious.