Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Summer

This year, I'm not ready to let it go. Usually I'm done with summer by now. Longing for sweaters and smokey air. Ready for the world to take on jewel toned hues. Marking off days on the calendar dedicated to simply staring at the blue October sky.

Summer, stay.
Wind chimes, lavender, roses and chlorine. Crickets, cicadas, wind in the full green leaves. Swimming in the ocean. Salt in my hair.

Dirty feet.

Candle light nights on the porch. Suntan. Cut flowers and vegetables from the garden.

Summer Dreams. Long and lingering. Technicolor.

Summer stay.


  1. In a way I feel like it never even got here this time...summer passed so quickly. We do the college drop off tomorrow...part of me says: "Yes summer stay!" The other part knows that there is no way to stop forward momentum...

  2. Summer is endless here, heavy. Nothing is as oppressive as August in New Orleans. Y'all can keep summer, I'm eagerly awaiting fall. Tights, sweaters, hot cocoa, scarves...

  3. I feel exactly the same, Suzanne, except that I can't put it as beautifully as you do.
    do not want it to end :(

  4. Sorry you feel that way, but as your summer goes mine comes and I am sooooooo sick of our winter! It has been nasty and wet and I am done with it. Roll in SUMMER!
    PS- nice to be reading you again :)

  5. I hate winter but 50 days of 100+,, i am ready for a break. Thanks for making that happen,,,

  6. Summer....where did it go. I blinked in June and it was the last days of August. I am not ready to let go either!!!