Thursday, October 6, 2011


On the sailboat, with the blue Caribbean stretching out in front of us and behind, the captain listened to an endless game of cricket, and we lingered. Five days blurred by.

No shower, no restless nights, no crying children..yet. The future was the sea and it was beautiful.

You stretched out on the hull of the boat, looking like a Kennedy. I stayed safe on the deck, preening in my two piece bathing suit. Royal blue with light blue piping like the one I wore in high school-- only smaller.

The stars out there.
The deserted beaches and jade green rocks. We brought them home, but they dulled when they figured out that they'd been stolen.

Did we dull too? Me and you? There's a busyness about the days since then that reminds me of stolen things. Hurried and hushed, panicked and hidden. We've done so much in so little time. But what have we lost?

Our words speak volumes. "I miss you." "How was your day?"

My day was lonesome. My day was away from you.

Who and what would we have been if we'd never left the sea? If we'd stayed on that beach and left the rocks alone. Let them live there with us, visiting them in their own habitat so they could keep their shine?

I can't remember what we talked about or even where we went. But I remember salty kisses. And I remember that cricket game.

Only I don't remember who won, or how it ended.


  1. As usual, Suze, you've brought me to the verge of tears. "Did we dull, too?" So beautiful!

  2. Tere, you are TOO nice. Did you see my book deal announcements? SO EXCITING. Waiting for yours!

  3. Wow, this was beautiful!!

    Wait... a book announcement? This I must go back and look into! I'm new here but I love exciting news... so a CONGRATS is in order for what I'm about to read!

    I'm a happy NEW follower :)

  4. How beautifully reminiscent Suzy. I was swept away by it. And like Jen I missed the book announcement. Unlike Jen I am not new here! Hanging my head in shame. CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Ann! No worries... I'm a happy little writer with or without any congrats! This has been a wild week, but now the real work starts. I so appreciate the fact that you guys even visit my blog at all! XO S

  6. You paint such poignant images of life, the sweetness, expectations, and changes that time wraps around us. I love the way you write.