Friday, February 24, 2012

Just So We're Clear

Hey. You.

The Boy who said "I Do..."

Clear headed, practical, handsome, respectable you.

What were you thinking? (Drinking?) when you decided on me?

Crazy, fragile, broken, stubborn, anxious me.

It wasn't my height, right?
Or my hair... tame it if you dare- hair?

It wasn't my yelling throwing slamming ways? my lost and empty days? my propensity for flight?

no, no, no

it was the night.

in blanket darkness where the crazy works so well.
and our bodies speak in languages our mouths don't know
and rain can come and go
on rooftops here or there
because sorrow is at bay
and all the terror gone
the moon rose in your eyes

just so we're clear.