Monday, May 21, 2012

Life's a beach

Warm for this time of year, I decided to set all other plans aside and take my little witches to the beach.
Seems like we never left. Like last summer overlapped into this one, seamlessly.

Only they are bigger now. Middle witch, 9 years old, almost my height. Littlest witch, just turned six, not a baby anymore. No need for constant worry or squinting into the sun to find them.

They played together in the waves and made castles in the sand. By themselves, because they remember now. They need no reminding of what summer means. Independent, they rose with perfect posture to meet the still cool breeze. Staring out into the great unknown with no fear.

Me? I read a book.


And a little voice inside my instinct whispered "Don't forget this. Don't forget the way they look or how it feels when their salty bodies run back to you for reassurance and warmth."

Because, you see... the oldest witch wasn't there. She'd made other plans (as she should have) but soon... all too soon I'll be alone on the beach with only the memory of them.

Little girls. Little witches. Stay.


  1. Yes, I give myself the same reminders over and over again. My girls are 8 and 5. I feel like it should be easier to remember that they will grow up and away too soon. Great reminder!

  2. And my 19 year old witch, does her own thing, as it should be and yet...